Remote Desktop through a Linksys wrt54G Router Possible?

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Here is what I have:

2 PC's both WIndows XP Pro (Both with internal IP's, but I have do have two external IP's available to use if necessary)
1 Linksys WRT54G Router (NOT USING DHCP)

Currently using GoToMyPC for remote access.  Would like to use Remote Desktop instead is possible.

If I forward the ports in the router to one of the PC's, my understanding is that Gotomypc will no longer function.  The other problem here is that the router port forwarding takes care of only one of two PC's.

If I use the external IP's on these two PC's, they can no longer reach the internet because of the router?   Is there a solution to enable us to access both PC's via remote desktop? Thanks as always!

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You have 2 options here
1. setup VPN on your router ( IF your router supports it ) that way any user can connect to your router via VPN & tunnel in to your LAN & use remote desktop on your XP .
2. You configure your router to forward the port 3389 ( RDP Port ) for the 2 external IP's you got to the 2 xp's . this way the user outsind your lan would have to know which IP corresponds to which XP .
   It will not stop your GoToMyPC from working as it uses port 80 .

>>If I use the external IP's on these two PC's, they can no longer reach the internet because of the router? <<

You dont have to use external IP on the XP m/c's directly . just map / forward the port 3389 to the external IP address .


Two problems.  If I set up a VPN, the device WAN Miniport becomes unchecked every time I close the properties box on it.  Secondly, Linksys ill not allow me to use an external IP of any kind.  Its only accepts 192.168.1.X. in port forwarding. Lastly, you cannot forward a single port to two different IP's.
where r u trying to set up VPN , on the xp m/c or the router ?? you need to do it only at one place .

check this on how to set up VPN on xp

 yes you cannot map single port to differet IPs . that is y i asked you  to map the 2 differet external IP address you have to the respective xp m/c . i.e if your router supports it .

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The one XP mc is now working by forwarding the port inside the Linksys WRT54G router to its internal IP.  The Linksys WRT54G only supports the forwarding of its ports to its own internal IP's, so I cant even use the external IP's I have.  I also am unable to set up the 2nd XP mc for remote desktop.  Any other ideas on this one?

To properly do this, you will assign your external ip to your linksys router.  Assign the workstations and vpn server your internal addresss (192.168.1.x)  open the ports and protocol settings to allow VPN tunneling and point it toward the IP address of your VPN server.  This will allow you to establish a VPN connection with you server from the outside world.

A couple of notes, from the outside world, you will establish a VPN connection to the IP address that your router is using.  All machines need to use the Linksys's internal IP address (192.168.1.x) as thier default gateway.  You have to have some sort of address assignment setup for your incoming VPN connections.  

Once you establish a VPN connection, you should get an internal network address (192.168.1.x) and be able to connect to your machine by IP address, and if you have name resolution setup properly, by the computer name.

Does this make sense?

I am not 100% sure what your ultimate goal is with regards to using GoToMyPC but I have a workaround if you are only looking to access both machines (view) as opposed to Xfer files from each individually.

One possible solution is to port fwd to one of the PC's and run VNC between the two internal PC's

What happens is that you connect to PC #1 then kick off VNC between PC #1 and PC #2.

If you want to Xfer files you coukld simply map between the two PC's and then drag and drop to the machine that has GoToMyPC access.

Not a perfect solution but food 4 thought

ImaCircularSawTechnical Lead

1. Do you have unrestricted access to the computer your using to login with.  
    You need ports 5800, 5801 & 5900 to be open.
2. I presume the IP's you can use are static?

I have used RealVNC for my solution and there are three parts.

Server setup
Network Setup
Local Machine setup and login

**Server Setup**
First thing is to download and install the server package.

You can download it from 

Make sure VNC is running (you can also copy the exe to the startup folder in your start menu so you
don’t have to remember to start it after reboots) Now open the properties window and make sure
The ‘accept java’ box is ticked.

Enter a password so not every port surfer has access.

That’s your server done, repeat on your second PC

**Network Setup**
Now on your router configure the port forwarding as follows

Name            IP Address            Internal Port            External Port
VNC PC1            192.168.1.xx      5800                  5800
VNC PC2            192.168.1.xx      5800                  5801      
**where 192.168.1.xx is your local IP Address
Once this is done, each machine will be available through specifying which port you want to use.

**Local Machine Setup & Login**
Now on the local machine you need to make sure JavaVirtualMachine is installed (JVM) or any other windows java plugin.

Open internet explorer and type into the address bar:
**Where is your static public IP Address
If you compare the last 4 digits in each address, they correspond directly to the two
specified external ports on your redirection table.  So for instance the first address
with port 5800 will connect you to VNC PC1 and 5801 to VNC PC2.

With either address you should be presented with a large grey window with a password box.
Simply enter the password you specified in the server setup and you should be given a display of the PC's desktop.

Works for me :)

Another alternative is build access to one machine using port forwarding on the router ...then use xp remote desktop to access the other :O)

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