problems with text alignment, missing lines, or missing text when print to HP4100

Hi All,

I am having trouble printing to an HP 4100 from a Windows 2000 PC.

Hardware involved:
HP 4100
Jet Direct Card using TCP/IP

Dell GX-260
Pentium 1.5 Ghz
512 meg ram
Windows 2000 Pro SP3
lpt1 is set to \\ipaddress using netuse command for dos based apps

This workstation used to print just fine but now is having problems which include, uneven print, missing lines, or items in a document towards the bottom are missing.

I have tried changing printer drivers and have used HP4 up to 41000 in PCL5E, PCL6, and Postscript with no success.

The only new software was Lotus Notes 6 but that was a while back and it printed.

Any suggestions?

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briancassinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You said this setup used to work fine at one point what driver were you using then ? Has anything else changed or been added / removed from the system other then Lotus notes. You said also it printed fine even after installing Lotus notes if I am understanding you correctly from what you said above..

If this is the case then some sort of corruption must have happened have you tried completely removing the driver altogether and reinstalling while background programs were disabled ? When i say background programs disabled I mean go to start run type msconfig hit enter then go to the startup tab write down everything that is checked or unchecked (whichever is easier) on a piece of paper and then uncheck all of them reboot and then reinstall the driver.. If you have reinstalled the driver but have not tried it this way you may want to try it this way using the driver that was known to work fine across the board.

As far as dos based printing goes that is dependent upon the application. In pure dos the application has the driver it is not centralized like in windows. Unless you are using a Dos shell which is treated differently when it comes to printing.  

For some clarification is the windows 2000 PC the only workstation connected to this printer  and this is the one you are printing from ?
Have you tried doing a self test print from the printer to rule out a mechanical problem with the printer feed assembly ? If there are teeth missing from the feed gears this could cause uneven print and possibly missing print.

The printing problem you are having is it just in this dos based program or is it happening in windows based applications also ?
mld4165Author Commented:

Yes a test page prints fine.

If I change the printer driver to an HP 4 it seems newer windows apps have problems and the older 16 bit Windows apps & DOS apps do OK.

If I put a HP 4000 or 41000 PCL 5, PCL 6, or Postscript then it seems to reverse the problem and newer Windows apps print OK, but older applications have problems.

Could the print spooler be corrupt? What abot True Type Fonts?

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mld4165Author Commented:
Just a bit of more info but it might be useless.

We like to use Postscript drivers as we use a lot of pdf files, and I notice that a file used by the PostScript driver is now associated with Lotus Notes 6. The file extensions are .ntf and the link I am posting is to Microsofts website and explains the files function.

The files I am describing are located in the following directory where I don't think Notes would store anything:

Could this be part of my problem?

mld4165Author Commented:
Sorry Brian I will clarify a few things for you.

The printer drivers that were used were the following
HP 4100 PS from HP
HP 4100 PCL6 from HP

We install the PCL driver for Corel WordPerfect and inside the Corel Application you can set the default printer for the app to use. This keeps users formatting in old documents.

Not sure if it printed OK from Lotus Notes 6 as printing from that app was not part of the install checklist. So short staffed little things get overlooked.

The printer is on a network with a staic ip address, but as of right now only one person does this job.

We let users have admin rights to the systems (against my advice but hey I am not in charge) and I cannot guarantee that something was not done to the system by the time I got involved.

I am going to try your suggestion this morning and will post the results.

mld4165Author Commented:
Replacing the drivers did not help, but I might have found a resolution. I noticed regardless of how small the document was it was spooling out huge files in the print spooler. I could not remeber if the service packs address printing but I removed the current service pack and reinstalled it and a job that was spooling to 30 meg now spools to 1.3 meg, and the document is 3 pages of certificates.

PDF files still print a little rough, but that is not a big deal to us as we want this user to have as few printer selections as possible.

All applications print much better and I am going to have the user test on Friday April 23rd when they get back in the office.

mld4165Author Commented:
To Board Admins

I resolved this problem myself with restoring the spooler directory in Windows 2000.

I would PAQ it good info.
mld4165Author Commented:

when or if you close this can you please give brian 50 points for at least posting some suggestions.

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