Windows 2000 SP4 Spooler Problems

I have a number of servers (Win2k) all running sp4 and
setup as print servers and intermittently the printing
services will stop. To restart the service I delete the
files in the spooler folder and then restart the service
and the systems will work for a few days or so.

Printers are various HP LJ's and the problems did not
occur before SP4 was applied, this seems to be the only
common thing they have together.

Anybody having a possible solution would be appreciated

* Note: also the system logs are not reporting errors with the spooler etc either..

* I borrowed this text from another forum site, as it best described the problem I have as well to a T.
Any help would be great.

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magus123Connect With a Mentor Commented:
1. look at event viewer for print spooler related errors post back with findings , or anything that
ressembles the problem you describe.

2. update the driver if possible.

3. have a pc laying around install another windows 2000  with no service pack and see if the problem
gos away.

4. have another diferent printer laying around , witch it with one of your printers and see
if it gos away. then write back your findings

5. most of my findings point to alot of issues realated to service pack 4 concerning the spooler.
i sugggested getting a hot fix and seeing if it goes away.

notes :
Here’s a relatively new print spooler problem that occurs on the server hosting a network printer. If you configure the network printer port to use the RAW data type and you print multiple copies of the file, the spooler might choke and automatically restart. When this happens, you’ll see entries in the System event log with event ID 7031 and a message stating “The Print Spooler service terminated unexpectedly. It has done this 1 time(s). The following corrective action will be taken in 600000 milliseconds. Restart the service.” According to the Microsoft article "Spooler Service Quits When You Submit a Print Job and an Event ID 7031 Message Is Logged in the System Log" (, the bug is a result of a coding error that occurs when the spooler service needs to allocate a larger buffer; instead of increasing the buffer size appropriately, the code resets the buffer size to zero (tee hee!). The fix consists of three files, localspl.dll, spoolss.dll, and win32spl.dll. All three files have a release date of June 11, and you can get the update only from PSS. This is one of the 46 pre-SP5 bug fixes, and you can install it only on SP3 systems.

found on another site

In news:13e7a01c417c0$478a4460$a601280a@phx.gbl,
no1 <> fumbled, fiddled and fingered:
> After applying SP4 to a print server the Print Spooler
> service has not been functional even though it does start
> up.  Tried uninstalling SP4.  Reapplied SP3 and then
> SP4.  Still not functional but now at least the I can
> access the Printers folder without having to stop & start
> the spooler service.
> Printers says ready, but on attempting to print a test
> page I get a message that it was unable to create the
> print job.
> Anyone have any ideas on how I can get it functional
> again?  Is there some known issue out there that I have
> yet to find?

Try creating a new print spool file/location

Create a folder in say in C:\ called spooler

So you'll then have C:\spooler

Open your Printers Folder

Server Properties
Advanced tab
Edit the spooler folder location to C:\spooler
(or whatever/wherever you created previously)

Click OK

Stop and restart the spooler service

Hope that helps

If it does try going to the location that the spooler was at orginally,


and delete any contents then point the spooler location back to here.
Assuming you want it back to default setting?

Steve Parry BA (Hons) MCP MVP

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