Movies display green screen in Media player, tried all the normal stuff with nemo, ffdshow.

I have had a ‘green screening’ Codec problem for some time now.
These are quite a few articles on EE, which have tried to fix individual problems. I have tried the suggestions in quite a few but I still can’t fix my problem.

I have tried installing:
Nimo 5
K-lite mega codec pack 1.01
ACE Mega codec pack 5.95
Divx (various)
Xvid (various)

I have done all the above with and without Ffdshow (latest version)
I uninstalled each Codec and FDDshow then rebooted each time before installing the next.
In combination with the above I have used various players other than Media player 9, including Media Payer classic but I still have the green screen problem.
The problem is the same with mpg, avi, asf and wmv. I am using 2000 service pack 4

I have notices though, that when I try to delete an individual codec in control panel that it’s still there the next time I look
Before anybody asks, no I am not trying to watch fake encoded porn from kazaa, the problem happens when trying to view quality stuff such a full length movies and music videos.

Basically what I am looking for is for someone to instruct me how to clean down my computer, completely, of all Codec, Filter’s and other possible sources of conflict. Then to install everything I need to view most videos, DVD’s avi, mpgs etc with no problem.

Grateful for all help offered.
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StuartVConnect With a Mentor Commented:
OK - I've created 7 versions of a short video and put up a page for you to test the display of them all.

The page is at

If you still have the same problem with all of them, then the problem is definitely NOT a codec problem, as the codecs used for some of these do not get updated by these codec packs. There is also a copy of Real player8 there (which doesn't use directx as much).

Did you try turning down the video acceleration?

If you are determined to remove all traces of the codec packs, then the only guaranteed way is a clean reinstall of your OS, and all your programs (you might get away with a repair install - but don't bet on it). I tend NOT to install any 3rd party codec packs apart from divx and a pinnacle dv codec (for video production purposes only).

Have you tried booting in Safe Mode and then trying to remove the codecs from the Sounds & Multimedia control panel?
Also, do other movies and images appear ok without the green screening effect.  Are you sure that the files you are trying to play do not contain the green screen info, maybe you can try them out on another computer?
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cakesterAuthor Commented:
I have tried the safe mode deal, but still can't delete codecs.
All movies appear green.
Have you checked your graphics card drivers?

Make sure these are up-to-date, and ensure that you have the latest version of DirectX.

This sounds suspiciously like a directx problem, with the overlay not being correctly rendered.

Try viewing one of these avi's in one of the older versions of realplayer, if you can see them there, then the problem is likely to be directx related.

I would argue against refunding points as the asker has given no reply to the last posting (even a "tried that - failed" is the minimum expected).

Given the apparent disinterest of the asker, and the lack of responses from him (I suspect other experts may have been waiting for a reply in this regard - I know I was) - I object to refund of points

You should check that you have administrative privileges. You should try logging in as administrator to do the removal of codec from the system.
Im with StuartV on this one, his comments are quite likely to be correct, i.e graphics / DirectX driver issue.
cakesterAuthor Commented:

Fair comment, I had a few questions that I had tried the suggestions but this did not seem to be going anywhere. I should have replied here before asking to close question.

I have uninstalled Directx and reinstalled then rebooted but things still did not work with mpgs and avi's etc.

I an willing to continue with the question but I do require the following solution, as stated in the opening question:

"Basically what I am looking for is for someone to instruct me how to clean down my computer, completely, of all Codec, Filter’s and other possible sources of conflict. Then to install everything I need to view most videos, DVD’s avi, mpgs etc with no problem"

I need this information for the future as well as to solve my current problem.
I am guessing that the above would involve quite a few registary hits and a number of file deletions.

Please continue your advise.

cakesterAuthor Commented:

I have tried viewing in old Mediaplayer, still the same.
I am logged in as admin.
Cakester - this sounds like it is not a codec problem, as you say it happens with all media files. This is why I pointed you towards the drivers and directx.

To completely clean your system, ensure you back up your data, have got cd's with the latest service packs and drivers and carry out the old "trash and rebuild". Unfortunately as you have added and removed all sorts of codec packs, there will be orphan entries in your registry and this is the best method to clean your system.

Give us a few more details on your system, as I still suspect your problem is the graphics card driver, and this would be quicker to fix.

I recommended testing in something like realplayer 8, as this uses less directx than any version of mediaplayer.

You might also want to try lowering the level of video accelleration under tools - options - performance in media player including turning off overlays (try everything one at a time) hope this helps


cakesterAuthor Commented:

I have a SIS graphics care (300) that is using the latest drivers which I downloaded from Sis in the last few week.

Before I started to install these codec packs I was able to watch mpg's and avi movies so I don't think it is the graphics driver it's self.
The reason I started playing around with Fddshow and the codec packs is because some video's did not work and came up with a green or black screen.

Now, the codec "add and remove" in control panel is not working, as described in my opening comments, "I have notices though, that when I try to delete an individual codec in control panel that it’s still there the next time I look"
So there is something wrong there?
How do I manually uninstall them?
Also. how do I uninstall all these filter things that the codec packs talk about.
I want to clean down the whole media deal.

I have tried viewing the movies in MP7 and a few other like Bsplayer or something same deal.

Cakester - the reason I keep on about it is that it does not appear to be a codec problem, as you have the same problem with a number of media types.

What I will do as a test is put a few short videos on my web server using different codecs (some basic ones such as indeo included as well as divx).

I'll also put a copy of real8 (if I can find it) for you to try.

Give me a bit of time to do this, as I have to create a number of videos and they take time to encode.

Hopefully this will help to narrow down the problem.

Unfortunately, as you have installed some of the codec packs mentioned, you may not be able to cleanly remove them (the coders of these packs do not always stick to the rules and the uninstall does not work properly and can in some cases be deliberately knackered).

cakesterAuthor Commented:

Well, it may not be a codec problem but it is a problem related to something these codec packs have loaded or changed as the codecs that were there before were able to play some videos.

I can believe that the coders often do not stick to the uninstall rules, (I have had to manually uninstall (or undo) even some microsoft products in the past!
This is why I need to know inside out how to remove all codecs (to be safe) filters, layer software etc that deals with playing, rendering or anything else directly to do with playing media. The reinstall
I often find that uninstall routines are crap and don't do the full job.

I will go along with your tests if you want but I think you will find that all the videos will green screen, well at least the mpg's and avi's will.

Have you seen if it's possible to do a System Restore to the time when you weren't getting this problem?
(Not sure if OS has System Restore function, just ignore if not)
cakesterAuthor Commented:


I'm using Windows 2000 sp4

Something I will also ask you to do for me is to run dxdiag (start - run - dxdiag) and run all the directdraw and direct3d tests on the diplay tab.

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