Why a Mac Server?

Hi, I have about 60 computers in my network. We're in the process of upgading from NT4.  About half of them are Macs Running OS 9.2.2 and are moving to O/S 10.3. The PC will be running Windows XP Pro and the Servers are running Win2000 Pro and Active Directory. We've experienced many of the usual file corruption problems and other mildly weird problems in the past -- keeping mac files (Quark, photoshop, etc) on a Windows server, since they never purchased a real mac server.

I want to finally bring in a real Mac file server. Our expensive consultant is poo poo-ing the idea, saying it's unnecessary, especially since properly configured, the new win2000 servers will handle mac application and file sharing as well as a mac server.  

Any way I can shoot down this idea and get my Mac Server approved?

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weedConnect With a Mentor Commented:
heh, PC consultants don't like Macs because they reduce their workload and paycheck.

Start with this:
1) The Mac server will be easier and cheaper to maintain.
2) The Mac server will do everything the PC server does, without the poor appletalk and SMB implementation.
3) Your security will be higher. There are 0 virii for OS X, security updates are quick, and the overall security is the best in the industry. In a recent study there were 0 breaches for OS X and BSD compared to Linux and Windows which were breached many times over.
pfanycAuthor Commented:
Are there any other advantages to maintaining mac applications and files (Quark docs, photoshop files, etc) on a mac server that will still be working in an envirnment populated by a number of OS 9 machines over maintaining all that content on a Win Server? I need more ammunition here, folks...

If a PC isnt set up right it will strip resource forks from applications and files. Those resource forks are vital to mac apps and some files.
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flcrackerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I'm a MCSE, But my hearts always been with the Apple!
I have an open mind about computer OS's.  There's a Place for all OS's LInux,MAC,MS,SUN........
I've been a cunsultant for 15years......You should find one that has the same mind set.
Now for the help! outside of the stuff that has been said above!
The Mac server Software gives you so much more
The Big one is NETBOOT updating or changing configs, installs are done with ease! Big labor saver!
read this: http://www.apple.com/server/macosx/netboot.html
Also I use my 17"PB running 10.3.3 a lot of times when on site.
I  have connect errors connecting to a machine on the Domain. (SMB)(NT4.0, 2kservers and 2K3 Servers)
This happens at differant customers locations with networks I have setup, and network setup by others.
So if you loose your battle demand they install a product called ExtremeZ IP on the file server(s)
link here: http://www.grouplogic.com/   All will work well for you!
Just remember Micro$oft doesn't want it to work well.....just ok....there Apple services are poor ExtremeZ IP replaces it.

I would like to point out one thing I have a G4 xServe Great machine! But you don't have to buy an Xserve
you could use a G5 tower...And buy OSX server software!

And one more thing to think about! Just something an old man told me one time.
If you keep just Apples in a bowl together they last!
If you mix the fruit (Apple,Orange,Pear,Plums) They rot quickly!

Same with computers Apple makes great desktops, and they make a Server OS to work well with it!  APPLE'S AND APPLE'S

let me know if you need more help with the 2 sites I talked about above!
ridConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you're about to get a file server, look into NAT units like Quantum's SNAP server or similar. My experience with a SNAP server is that it handles Mac and PC nodes equally well. No licensing hassle either.
I also installed a SNAP 4500 Series 1TB model server and experienced nothing but problems.
Within one month I lost 1 drive from the raid, while attempting a rebuild a 2nd drive failed during the procedure.
Once I notified SNAP ( which is independant of Quantum now ) of what happened they reviewed the logs and
were unable to give me a reason why this could happen. They send out a replacement unit along with a spare drive.
Within one month again we lost a drive #2 drive again ! Replaced drive and rebuild raid with replacement, within one
month again we lost drive #2 ! They never admitted it but I beleive that they have defective RAID Controllers IDE Based
I think "Promise" ? Well just my experience....
Apple uses latest AppleTalk (3.x) for service discovery, Microsoft still uses the very old 2.1 with limitations like 2 Gb file size limit and 31 character file name limit. A properly configured W2K server will serve OS-8 nd OS-9 clients fairly well but MS is stuck in the 90s still and SFM hasn't been significantly upgraded since Win NT Server 4 - we've all moved along a bit since then...

Apple OS-X server has no licencing fees  - unlimited concurrent users for the life of the product.
Serves SMB/CIFS, AFP, NFS, FTP, WebDAV etc etc etc
NAT, DNS, DHP, Web, E-Mail, VPN - I think there's 14 different services included for a single price.
Windows servers will not play nice with mac clients - in fact, this is why Apple is continuiously developing Directory Access to connect to windows environements....   M$ ahs no care to do this.  But if you want great integration, and a great file server, buy a G5 Xserve and point out to you poo-pooing consultant that he probably has not used one.  I have. Actually, many of them.

One case:
I replaced a 125k Sun enterprise server (with a 12k /year support plan) for only 10k (AND it came with a huge raid unlike the 35k raid for the sun box)

It had better I/O, and handled more tasks more effeciently...  

Windows blows - why bother?  they cant compete with Unix boxes - especially sun, and now, by my own experience, Apple Xserves.

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