Ctrl + Tab key on VB 6.0


How to enable the ctrl+tab key on vb form ? By setting the TabIndex and Tabstop properties, I can move around the object in VB with the tab key. However, pressing ctrl+tab key proves to have no effect on changing the tab position. How can I achieve this ?

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>>>  How do I get back to text1

Try using shift - tab
could you please tell me what kind of effect you want on ctrl + tab key??
Ryan ChongCommented:
To go to the next controls in layout in sequence order, first, try to set the TabIndex of the control acsending, start with 0 as the Form default focus controls. Set the TabStop Property to False if you want the control to bypass the "Tab" keypress. And when your form is running, just using keypress "Tab" to move the focus to next control (based on TabIndex and TabStop Property), but not Ctrl+Tab.
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ctrl + tab is usually used to change window in MDI applications
hama-ayu-ismAuthor Commented:
Hi all,

pg_india and ryancys : What I want to achive is to enable the user to fill all the textbox without having to use the mouse. I have set the tab index in order, and pressing the tab key would made the focus jump from one textbox to the other according to the tab order I have set. Let's say I have 3 text box, namely text1, text2 and text3.
On form load, text1 would have the focus. If I press the tab key, it would jump to text2. How do I get back to text1 withou having to press the tab key twice, but only have to press ctrl+tab and the focus would change from text2 back to text1 ? This is what I want to achieve.
Please let me know if I am not clear. English is not my first language, so please pardon me for any misunderstanding

mmusante : I think that should be Alt + tab to change windows ??

Thanks all
Alt + tab for standard windows (SDI applications)
ctrl + tab for windows internal to a MDI application
yep mmusant is right about all of them

shift is used for backwards in all parts of windows.


shift + tab: goes to previous tab stop
shift + alt + tab: goes to previous application
shift + ctrl + tab: goes to previous mdi window
Ryan ChongCommented:
and use Ctrl+F6 to change focus on internal windows
hama-ayu-ismAuthor Commented:

Thanks all for the answers. Never thought off using shift + tab.

Thanks. Points goes to mmusante.
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