My PS2 mouse won't work in my new installation of Mandrake 9.

I installed Mandrake Linux 9 for the first time ever last night. I am a newbie, remember this!

Unfortunately my mouse didn't work during the installation program only my keyboard (both are wireless). I tried to select my mouse but accidentally selected USB rather than PS2 forgetting I was on my older machine, and now I can't get it to work with the aid of the keyboard.

I'm a windows user, and though I can seemingly access my control panel equivalent and configurations etc., it provides me with only the option to change the cursor and mouse movement etc, not to remove the mouse and add/detect a different one.

Sorry to be such a dimwit, but once i get this simple problem fixed I can start to explore Linux properly and get something out of the experience.

Hope you can help )

My keyboard still works fine, and the keyboard/mouse combo is a Genius Wireless Twintouch+/Keyboard.


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owensleftfootConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Strange. You can download an rpm for it here -

Install it with rpm -ih MAKEDEV-3.3.1-10mdk.i586.rpm
What does ls -l /dev/mouse give you?
m175400Author Commented:
Yes, it says

No such file or directory

So I tried

ls -s /dev/psaux /dev/mouse

as someone on another site suggested, but again

No such file or directory

Please help! :)
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What does Section "InputDevice" in /etc/X11/XF86Config look like?
m175400Author Commented:
Section "Pointer"
   Protocol "PS/2"
   Device "/dev/usbmouse"
End Section

There's more to it but I presume this is the bit I need to change? I was trying to find this earlier but looking in a different file of a similar name in another directory. I was looking at help re v10 though on another site I guess.

Thanks for your continued help.
From the "No such file or directory" error for "ls -s /dev/psaux /dev/mouse" it looks like /dev/psaux doesnt exist. Try cd /dev;./MAKEDEV psaux and then edit /etc/X11/XF86Config and change /dev/usbmouse to /dev/psaux. Then restart xwindows. If this doesnt work your best bet might be just to do the installation again - all the partitions etc are already there. Or repost your question under the Xwindows section.
m175400Author Commented:
I change to the /dev directory ok, but when I then type

./MAKEDEV psaux

it says

"No such file or directory"
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