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Can someone please tell me which would be the best 3-4 routers to use for hosting websites locally, in terms of usability, performance and security? I am currently using an SMC 7404 and it doesn't seem to be advanced enough for the job. Thank you very much.
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Scotty_ciscoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Well it really depends on how the 2MB is comming in lets assume for a second that it is a E1.

Then I would say you want to go with a 2621XM Cisco with a wic-1T router...  you could go cheaper but this gives you some room to grow

the router through CDW is less than 2200 US and The Card for the E1 is less than 350.00 US so you would be about 2500 US ... so you can do the conversion I think it is about .75 but not sure...
This really depends on the network architecture can you explain your level of bandwidth number of public IP's and what you are trying to accomplish.

jackbladeAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your reply Scot. I am trying to setup a hosting company. I currently have 2 servers running Win2K3 and IIS6.0. I have a 2MB line and unlimited static IP addresses. The only thing that the servers are going to be used for is for webspace sine the e-mail services are hosted externally. The www bit seems to be straight forward and it works fine using host headers. But the ftp is a different story and I have big issues directing each user to their ftp site. After alot of discussions I have more or less concluded that I need to do it using unique IP addresses. The current router I am using seems to be to "simple" for the job (SMC 7404BRA) and doesn't allow to do what I want properly. I am looking for a router that will offer me some good level of security and at the same time be powerfull enough to allow me to run the websites and route the ip addresses accordingly. I am aware that there are quite a few Cisco routers out there that cost £5,000-£10,000, but I wouldn't like to make such a significant investment just on the router right at the beginning. Am I fooling myself thinking that I can do this without remortgaging my house?:) Thank you very much.
kpmasConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I support Scotty's answer... Cisco is DEFINATELY the way to go IMHO...

You *could* start out with an 800 series (806 for example) or SOHO91 type of Cisco but depending on your traffic you *will* outgrow it.. it's just a matter of how much time.... the 2600 series will help handle spikes in traffic, and possibly even any attacks you may encounter.

The 800/SOHO series we've successfully used with small customers who just want to get started with a descent little router.  One customer comes to mind is connected via 3 Megabit ADSL circuit to us (ISP) and supports two public servers handling about 150 website hosting customers.  Works fine but the customer is fully aware that at any point in the future he will have to upgrade.  The next step for him will be a 1710 router simply for more CPU, then he'll jump to 2621XM series router.  Can't see our particular customer going beyond 2600 series on ADSL as bandwidth/circuit will be more limited than the router then...:)

Another budget consideration is whether you are going to setup/maintain the router yourself OR hire someone to do it.  Everyone charges different rates AND you'll get great help from Expert's Exchange as well.. just a consideration not to overlook...

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