Page will not Completely Print(LF Carriage?) from Unix Box to NT Printer--500 PTS!


I have a remote printer setup on my Dec Tru64 unix box. It works, connects, and prints except for the fact when the page prints out, it only shows the first line-then all blank..The printer it is printing to is connected to a marknet box, x-2000 and is a lexmark optra e312..

I have no problems printing in windows...

I have print services turned on My nt box(4.0) and don't believe there is a network issue  with that due to the fact it connects and prints something...

I think the problem is the interpretation of the left carriage return in the file that is being sent over.. Not sure though..I can't seem to find a setting on the printer to adjust concerning the the left carriage return...Any Ideas??
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tfewsterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can download Tru64 drivers & the setup package for the Lexmark Optra 312  from

I assume you don't have the optional NIC for the printer, which is why it's connected to a Marknet box;  But you can still print to it directly instead of going via the NT system.;en-us;191896&Product=ntw40 suggests the staircase effect was a known problem when printing via Windows LPD server but was fixed in Service Pack 4

You may also want to consider Passthrough printing, so that Windows doesn't try to reformat the print job; See;EN-US;150930

Your printer is a postscript printer. Are you sending postscript to it ?

Please try :

a2ps /etc/hosts

(with the hope that you have a2ps).
JohnysteaksAuthor Commented:
Yes it is, i believe..

a2ps /etc/hosts  <--Don't know what this means..I apologize..
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Try it :-)

a2ps is a simple utility that will take a text file as an argument, transform it to postscript, and send it to your default printer.

In this case, I just suggest a test using a2ps, and trying to print the /etc/hosts file.

But the requirement is that you have the a2ps utility. Which is is not on all unices.
tfewsterCommented: is a similar problem and has several solutions!  Sending PostScript would be yet another solution.

I'm not clear if the Tru64 box is using NT as a print server or if it is talking directly to the Marknet print server - either setup is workable, but brings its own issues ;-)

JohnysteaksAuthor Commented:
Don't gots a2ps...

tried to man a2ps and nuttin=(
And make sure NT spooler uses RAW data format
I believe I identified the problem (NT staircase printing) and gave several solutions; No doubt gheist will tell me if I'm wrong ;-)
No doubt you identified the problem at 04/21/2004 02:11PM PDT
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