DNS Help With New Exchange 2003 server


I need help with my dns.
We have a new windows 2003 / exchange 2003 mail server that we want to add to our domain.
our user's login to the domain name called co.nash.nc.us.
we register a domain called nashcountync.gov
the computer name for the exchange server is nm01.co.nash.nc.us
we want the users have have the email address of username@nashcountync.gov email address

How does the domain name nashcountync.gov fit into the schem of things?
What do I need to config in dns?

I'm hopping someone can explain in simple terms for me.
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JamesDSConnect With a Mentor Commented:
All you have to do is set exchange to "Route Email" for the nashcountync.gov domain and give your users nashcountync.gov smtp email addresses.

You will also need to get your domain registrar for nashcountync.gov to add an MX record for nashcountync.gov that points to the externally visible side of the Exchange server.


Hi SidneyKi,

The email address @nashcountync.gov is added to Exchange 2003 and has no effect on the Active Directory/ DNS structure of the company.
Just think of it as an alias for the users AD account. You don't have to do anything to DNS for this to work, so leave it well alone!

If you want to know how to apply the domain name @nashcountync.gov to your exchange system, then post back it's very straight forward and all done from the Exchange tool ESM.
Evening (or morning in your case) JamesDS,

Thanks for picking up my slack. It's late here and I'm off to bed for that all important shut eye.

So, I'll leave this question and SidneyKi in your capable hands to put to bed, so to speak!

SidneyKiAuthor Commented:
We have register the nashcountync.gov to point to our externally address to the exchange server.

I ran the forestprep and domainprep from the echange cd.

Am I understanding your right that I do not need to add any record to our internal dns servers?


You should not need to add anything to your internal DNS Servers

What90, I was reading an older version of the question and didn't see your response - great minds think alike!

BTW it's afternoon here 14:30hrs to be precise


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