Computers not listed in neighborhood

Why is it that some computers on my network do not show the other computers in network neighborhood.
As a matter of fact, I have to search for a specific computer to find and access it and map it to keep it showing in windows explorer. And sometimes a computer will have some of the other computers on the network listed and some aren't, while others have every computer listed. I'm sure it is something that I am overlooking, but is escaping my memory. (no pun intended). Thanks,  DwayneW
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I am guessing that its win98 pc's that cannot see winxp pc's.

This would be because netbios over tcp/ip is not enabled on the winxp pc's
To enable it go into control panel and click network connections,
right click the network connection and click properties,
select tcp/ip and click properties, then click the advanced button, then click the WINS tab, under netbios setting select "enable netbios over tcp/ip.
click ok and ok again then click close.
This should allow you to see the xp pc's.
Create user accounts on the winxp machines to match those on the win98's
To save having to put in user names and passwords to access networ shares.
Hi - how is your WINS / DNS set up?

DwayneWAuthor Commented:
I have a wins server and dns server using dhcp. All clients are using either XP or Win2k with TCP/IP.
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just to clarify - Your DHCP is giving your clients the IP addresses of your DNS & WINS Servers.

Question - are these all on the same box?
What IP range / subnet are you using
Anyother protocol such as netbui installed on the NIC's?

DwayneWAuthor Commented:
We have one server that handles everything. We use one subnet (we only have maybe 30 computers on the network) and the IP range is offering 255 addresses (
I am not sure about netbui on the cards though.
Well, again i think all the PCs should be in the same workgroup and enable youe NetBUI.TQ
Well, again i think all the PCs should be in the same workgroup and enable your NetBUI.TQ
DwayneWAuthor Commented:
These are xp and win2k machines and we are on a network with a domain.
Gareth GudgerCommented:
Also make sure Internet Connection Firewall is not turned on any of the XP machines. This will make them invisible to the network.
Follow everyones advice and last but not the leasto go to those machines and check their Registry Settings, Systems can be kept invisible by tweaking Registry values. read these chat session lol

׺® : open ur registry editor
        ×º® : and go to this key
        ×º® : HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\LanmanServer\ Parameters
        ×º® : create or edit theese entries :
        ×º® : AutoShareServer
        ×º® : AutoShareWks
      Me : both?
        ×º® : they are REG_DWORD
        ×º® : set value to : 0 = disable shares, 1 = enable
        ×º® : u want to set value to 0
        ×º® : u can set both
        ×º® : or just wks
      me : ok
        ×º® : i always set both

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DwayneWAuthor Commented:
I haven't forgotten, still checking and researching similar computers
1. You need an "NetBios over TCP/IP" enabled in the WinXP and W2K
2. You need an "Files and Printers sharing" network service in the W98, Wme, W95
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