gravity and hole through the earth

Say, one would be able to dig a  big hole, right through the earth. Line it with adamantium to keep it from breaking and to keep anyone entering save from whatever is trown at them. (Imagine it would be possible)

Now, i would jump in...
would I,

be tossed out of the other side and never to be seen again (which would really annoy me)
bounce back and forth around the place where the center of the earth should be and in some time I will just stay in the center.
I would go through, past the center and a little further, but stay there somewhere...
destroy the earth because If pressure differences (Creating a big storm or something)

anyone? This question has been haunting me since I was very young...:)

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SteHConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It has not haunted you alone. Have a look in
to see some discussions about it.
EnolaKotrotsosAuthor Commented:
Wow, incredible...thanks!...


In my theory Gravity is largely miss interpreted, the idea action at a distance is paranormal and ghostish. You can not pull or push something with your thoughs unless telekinetics is real. Even if it is real :) it would still need some rope or stick to connect the two items together.

Now although ether theory was found not to be true 100 years ago or so, the experiment was wrong not the theory. Ether exists in all space, it is a moving particle like water air, light or em radiation travels in this substance, thats why it has wave pattern, again ether clears the rubbish that light travels in vacum, as a wave, but also as a particle, come on everyone wants to make physics look so difficult no kid will fall for it with all this unexplained phonomenas being tried to explained with a zillion teories that even common logic can not resist questioning. Why speed of light is constat? a particle with constant speed, but differen wave length I mean its like kid asks why earth is round and you answer God only had round shapes to fill in with mud left, he had used all the rest for the astroids.. ok bad analogy :)

Back to gravity, ether is everywhere, it flows and it can pass through matter, matter is like a fishingnet in the water, or air, air and water molecules hit it but since the hit ration is so small its obviously hard to detect. Also they come from all sides i mean like in water, you are aware of the pressure only if you compare it with air, but we can not compare ether presure with anything else.

But when masses get bigger the obvous happens ether particles entring from the left side slows down somewhat during their voyage through the earth. The ether particles coming in oposite direction on the other hand wont be slowed down. Think of ether particles comes from the sky push you down, ether from the earth that have sloved down on the other hand push you up, the result is downward push is stronger. Gravity is a pushing force not a pulling force, and this makes sense even to a 7 year old kid.

Science is the reflection of the mind maxwell said, and our minds are smooth and clear, until Freud its all his fault that physics went this way.. not to mention art and music :)

The ether theory also can easliy tell you why tidal waves occure, the area belove the moon gets less ether pressure as the ether particles now have traveled through the moon and sloved down somewhat, this creates an inbalance with the rest of the globe, the matter on the surface bellow the moon gets an upwards push equal to the rest of the globe, but the downward push has weakened somewhat due to the moon, and the result is material seems to be pulled by the moon, but it is only the forces pushing at both sides that changed.

I've created software simulation to simulate the whole solar system based on Ether theory, and it gives the exact same numbers as real life, it also helps us understand light much better, i'm working on magnetic theory now, they really are the only thing i fear could injur the theory, but again ether is obviously being pushed faster, and low/high pressure points are occuring.

Anyway back to apple question :P the apples would both stand still, actually the air on both sides of this tunel would quickly vanish to be filled in by more air, but what you have done would be pasically creating a hole in earths atmosfer all air could disapear from the surface of the earth. The apples would stand still like they do in space, maybe the angular momentum would let them go sideways as they are no longer influenced by gravity.

Actually except the problem with air rushing out/upwards you would have the perfect anti-gravity launching pad, in this area where gravitational weight would be ZERO! but the air would actually lift your space ship, letting you in space without the burden of engines.

Glad you read all of this, hopes this answer your original question

Kunfu Faresi
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