Runtime error 2465 - Application defined or object defined error.

Posted on 2004-04-21
Last Modified: 2010-08-05
When I create a customised rates for customer Fred, and delete one of the rates
Eg Hanoi, Vietnam Parcel
Then come to select that same rate. It brings up an application error. Saying
Runtime error 2465 - Application defined or object defined error.

The debug points too the line in the formcode that says..
MsgBox "No rates for Customer " & Me.Form.CName & ", Rates must be created in Customer Form"

In other words, it doesn’t show the message above as expected. Any clues?

Question by:elusivesoul
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Expert Comment

by:Rey Obrero (Capricorn1)
ID: 10878081
Are you working on an mde or mdb?
If it is an mdb can you post the codes for selection of rate, or better all the codes related to this problem.
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Assisted Solution

rockiroads earned 100 total points
ID: 10878132
1. Does CName exist as a control on the form?
2. Why do Me.Form.CName, if and when CName is on the same form as what you are using, you can just do Me.Cname

(if you do Me. then CName should come up, if not then Cname does not exist, hence error)


Author Comment

ID: 10878672
its an mdb file,,,,

Private Sub NewCalc()
lngIncrements = 0
fWeightDifference = 0
fShipRate = 0

strSQL = "SELECT * FROM tblCustomersRates_PubRates_Trans WHERE CRPR_IDSillyCust = " & Forms!frmCustomers!CustID & _
              " AND CRPR_IDZoneRate = '" & Me.txtZone & _
              "' AND PkgType = '" & Me.txtPkgType & _
              "' And Active = -1" & _
              " ORDER BY Weight1 DESC;"
Set DB = DBEngine(0)(0)
Set rs = DB.OpenRecordset(strSQL)

If rs.EOF And rs.BOF Then ' we have NO records
    MsgBox "No rates for Customer " & Me.Form.CName & ", Rates must be created in Customer Form"
    GoTo Exit_cmdCalculate_Click
    iRecCount = rs.RecordCount
End If

Do Until rs.EOF
    Me.txtWt1 = rs!Weight1
    Me.txtRate1 = rs!Rate1
    Me.txtWt2 = rs!Weight2
    Me.txtRate2 = rs!Rate2
    Me.txtSurcharge = rs!Surcharge
    fWeightDifference = Weight - Me.txtWt1

    If Weight >= rs!Weight1 Then
        If Weight > rs!Weight1 Then
            lngIncrements = 1
            fShipRate = rs!Rate1 + rs!Rate2 + rs!Surcharge
                Do Until fWeightDifference <= rs!Weight2
                    lngIncrements = lngIncrements + 1
                    fWeightDifference = fWeightDifference - rs!Weight2
                    fShipRate = fShipRate + rs!Rate2
                fExtraCharge = lngIncrements * rs!Rate2
            Me.txtExtra = Format(rs!Rate2, "$0.00") & " x " & lngIncrements & " = " & Format(rs!Rate2 * lngIncrements, "$0.00")
            Exit Do
            fShipRate = rs!Rate1 + rs!Surcharge
            Exit Do
       End If
        fShipRate = rs!Rate1 + rs!Surcharge
        'Me.txtExtra = 0
    End If

    Me.txtSubTot = fShipRate

If Me.txtDiscount <> 0 Then
    fShipRate = fShipRate - (fShipRate * txtDiscount)
End If
    Me.txtDiscount = [Forms]![frmCustomers]!Discount

Me.txtTotalCost = fShipRate

    If Err.Number = 20 Or Err.Number = 0 Then
    Exit Sub
    MsgBox "Can't find rate.  This rate does not exist in the Customized Rates table.", vbInformation + vbOKOnly, "Add Rate"
    End If
    Resume Exit_cmdCalculate_Click
    Exit Sub

End Sub
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Expert Comment

by:Rey Obrero (Capricorn1)
ID: 10878804
  MsgBox "No rates for Customer " & Me.Form.CName & ", Rates must be created in Customer Form"
-------------------------------------------^^^^^^^^^^^ change to Me.CName

Is Cname a control on your form?  as rockiroads have pointed out.
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Accepted Solution

Mighty_Silly earned 400 total points
ID: 10885205

If the code is in the subform, and the field referred to in you code is on the Main form, then you need to refer to it in correct syntax...


That should work.



Author Comment

ID: 10885579
Yep, you were right silly, it was actually on a subform. Thanks for that. Much appreciated guys.

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