I keep getting locked out!

Surely some of you admins have seen this...anyone have an answer?

I'm in a W2k AD.
Seems like every time I change my password, I go through about 2 weeks of having it lock on me for no apparent reason.
I'll be navigating thru my servers and all of a sudden get the "attempt to compromise security" message, or simpy a message that my account is locked out.

I'm sure the reason is that somewhere among the 140+ servers I support, I locked the remote console instead of logging out (or at least partially sure).

a) any way around this
b) any way of determining if my account is logged on elsewhere?

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Fatal_ExceptionConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I actually saw this thread yesterday, and gave it some thought..  Nothing really came to mind so I thought I would just wait for a brilliant answer to your problem...  :)

This probably does not apply to your situation, but..


What about using a 15 char password (if you are not already..)  Take the LM hash out of the mix..  You could even use a null char (a) to string it out..   Know I am grasping here, but what the heck..
magus123Connect With a Mentor Commented:
i am sure you caon probably do some auditing policy are something of that nature.
your delima represents a security issue , permission issue , request issue etc.
you should have a policy in place to track logon requests , user and group manamagment etc
forthe admin account

i would setup up a audit that tracks all deny logon requests for the network.

have you checked  AD to see if no one else has the same power as you

ninpokaiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Not sure if this is the same problem as what I had.  For some reason after I changed my password i would, periodically, throughout the day get locked out.  I would have to get back in and unlock my account and then a couple of hours later I got locked out again.  I simply took my workstation back to a workgroup and rejoined the domain and it's been fine since...not sure why it worked or why it happened...let me know how it does.

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sirbountyAuthor Commented:
>magus123 - I think I'd have to set up this policy across the enterprise - wouldn't I?  Not something I'm prepared to do.
Also, it's not like I've tried logging in with the wrong password - I am logged on for an hour or more before the 'weirdness' kicks in...

>ninpokai - Hmm - almost sounded like this would be on the right track, but I've experienced this problem through about 4 rebuilds now (over a year or longer) - so I don't think that'd do it...If no other suggestions, I may still give it a shot though.. Thanx.
i would not use audting or tracking on  very large enterprise , as it would slow down traffic and
cause behaviors , its only ment for samller local intranets. i would wait for someone that has
more experience to post .

have looked on ms support for known lockout issues in AD
sirbountyAuthor Commented:
Strange thing is - it's happening with both of my accounts.
I have an 'admin' account and a 'user' account.  I change the password on both at the same time, so they'll stay in synch.
I know I wouldn't have used my user account elsewhere...it's only used to get into my email - and I was in there fine and working when it locked on me... :(
have you logged out of the domain and back in...??? Just curious if you user profile is corrupted for some reason...
sirbountyAuthor Commented:
straws are okay with me - I'll check that option on Monday FE.
Yes, I've rebooted and logged out several times...seems to happen every time I've changed my password
sirbountyAuthor Commented:
FE - it may be Thursday or the following Monday b4 I can test this...I've got a ton of server upgrades this week, so I'll be WAH...
I'll keep you posted though - thanx.
sirbountyAuthor Commented:
Looks like, as suspected, I had locked a @# server console somewhere...a peer stumbled across it last night...
Thanx for the help though - I'm sure this will help someone. :D
With that many servers, I suspect it is not hard to do..!!!  Since I only maintain 5 servers, and I have done the same thing, I have no room to say a word..!!!    :)  

BTW:  thankQ SB...  Wish we could have helped more though..  :)
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