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One interesting question

I have a machine called A with IP address

Another machine B with

There is no gateway entry specified in routing.
Their routing table is
For A
Destination Gateway Genmask Flags Metric Ref Use Iface U 0 0 0 eth0
For B
Destination Gateway Genmask Flags Metric Ref Use Iface U 0 0 0 eth0

Now I am able to ping A to B as well as B to A

Now i want to put these two machines in a Separate network without changing the IP ADDRESS&netmask.How to do that?.(if machines are in physically sepated network they should not excahnge packets using dev as my case.They can use only gateway).
Simply speaking I shud not be able to ping form A to B or vice versa if they are separate network) . Without using gateway I want to achieve the goal.
Any ideas.Thanks in advance

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2 Solutions
I'm going to assume that the "separate networks" will be inside of your Internet gateway. in that case you can accomplish the goal by creating a physically separate network within your LAN whose only connection to the LAN is via a NAT'ing gateway. Assuming the NAT'ing gateway has the IP the topology would look like:

           Internet Gateway
                       | ---- Machine A (
                       | ---- NAT'ng Gateway (
                                              | ---- Machine B (

Firewall rules on the NAT'ing gateway are used to prevent packets from Machine A from reaching Machine B, which effectively prevents connections betweeen A & B in either direction.
palanisaravananAuthor Commented:
Let me get U a clear picture.
If u want to connect for one network to another u can do routing by two ways.
one is
  route add -net netmask dev eth0

another one is

  route add -net netamask gw
(ip_forward is enabled)
packets should be sent to another network only if routing is done using gateway.
Packets should not be sent to another network if the routing is done using dev.
       how to do that?
palanisaravananAuthor Commented:
If u want to connect for one network to another u can do routing by tw0
If u want to connect from one network to another u can do routing by two

I think you need to clarify a little better.  What I think you've described is the only way routing *can* work (i.e, it can only be sent to another network that's physically seperate if you specify a gateway.)

I may be intepreting it wrong.  Here's another way I'm looking at it...

You have 2 machines, and .11, and a gateway that .1 -- given this setup, you want to be forced to communicate to .11 via the gateway and never via the local network, and vice-versa.  Here's how I would accomplish that.

bring both interfaces up with a netmask (that's a /32) which specifies a single IP address.  That way there's no route in the routing table.  Then add a specific route to the router

route add -host netmask eth0
route add default gw

If you do that on both machines, it should force all traffic through the gateway.


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