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Hi, I'm currently using an alright zip code database for the US... but I need to expand to the rest of the world.  I'd like to consolidate this into one database ... and if I cant do that.. I'd like to at least consolidate with one company.  Who's the best out there?  Everybody I find in google looks pretty sketchy.

This will be used for SQL, but that doesn't matter much.

Thanks so much for your help!  I put this at 500 because it's kind of urgent.
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My company had bought a database that has US Zipcodes -->Area codes.  
No matter who you get the info from, you're gonna have to import it into your database the way you want to have it.

Getting a database of the world zip...  =).. good luck. =)  
I dont know who to go with, but i'd choose one that has a complete database and has been around for quite some time.  If they been in business for a while, then they're probably doing something right.

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BeamerColaAuthor Commented:
Yeah, thats kinda what I'm asking ... where to find a good one.  I cant spend $25 per country per month ... thats ridiculous.
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We have used in the past and they were fine for all US maintained ZIP codes (which include overseas areas that US mail is delivered to, such as military bases).

As far as Global postal codes (ZIP stands for Zone Improvement Program and is specific to the US; Most places use "Postal Codes" instead of ZIP)..  I can't give a good recommendation because I have never used any service.  You might contact your post office and see what they recommend.  

BeamerColaAuthor Commented:
yeah thats kinda the same thing I'm using now... I'm having the toughest time finding european postal codes ... There aren't any bigtime companies out there that just offer it all?
Barring USA and Canada, this is going to give you headaches. For majority of nations, such databases don't exist. You can zero down to certain contries and you may do so with limited success. But don't ever expect to find an all correct database of the latest info about any country. Everyone is out-dated in this world.
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