Collection of controls

Using code behind on ASCX control, is there a way to enumerate all controls on the control?

I need to do something like
for each _control on _usercontrol
   'do something

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For Each ctrl As WebControl In MyControl.Controls
    ' do something

but it would enumerate only controls directly inside MyControl.
To enumerate all in-depth you have to use recurssion.

For Each ctrl As Control In MyControl.Controls
    ' do something
You can also use TypeOf and CType to determine what kind of control you're at, and to use it in appropriate way:

For Each ctrl As Control In MyControl.Controls

If TypeOf ctrl Is TextBox Then
     CType(ctrl, TextBox).Text = "test"
End If

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OK, it's like a TV series... ;)

To traverse all controls on page and print an indented controls tree, use this recursive Sub:

    Private Sub AllControls(ByVal startControl As Control, ByVal level As Integer)
        For Each ctrl As Control In startControl.Controls
            System.Diagnostics.Debug.WriteLine(Space(level) + ctrl.ID)
            AllControls(ctrl, level + 1)
    End Sub

And execute it with:

AllControls(Page, 1)

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lrr81765Author Commented:
Ok, I can see that but I still having a couple of issues.

I am assuming that "MyControl" should be replaced with the name of the control (ICE in my case) , or is this one of those special things like Me and MyBase ?

What I am trying to do is store the info from a form (many controls) into a database, and set them from the database.

I have this:
        Public Shared Sub SetControl(ByVal controlname As String, ByVal value As String)

        End Sub
and I know that I will have a big select statement to determine the types, but is there any way to get the control based on the name ? (the controlname will equal the control on the form)

Thanks so much>
You can do

you can use CType(Me.FindControl("youttextboxcontrolid"), TextBox )

Yes, replace that name - it is only an example :)

The rest - I don't understand. Do you want to find a control given you know it's name?
mmarinov - do you know if it is a 'deep-search', that is it searches also subcontainers?
lrr81765Author Commented:
Thanks I'll try that now. Yes, I'll know the control name.
I have a table that stores name/value, where the name =controlname and value=text,selectedvalue, etc.
I don't think it is a "deep search". I have a couple of panels that hold controls, but that is it.
chaniewskim, i don't know if it is a deep-search
but if it is - it won't be a problem :)
you can do recurse function and make your sql statement so easy - all depends of your design

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