UNC path for a remote "My Computer"

What would the UNC path be for a remote computer's (on the same intranet) my computer?

Thanks in advance,

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sirbountyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can right-click your desktop and choose new shortcut and enter
as the shortcut (same thing as what I posted above - but it's a shortcut that you can use).
Again - this does not show administrative/hidden shares...
Not sure I follow you here...
You want to get the remote computer's drive info?
Each drive on a system is automatically shared out, but hidden.
should give you the C drive contents...
Also, for W2K or above, if you right-click on My Computer on your computer and click Manage, you can access some of the System Properties that you get locally when you right-click My Computer and select Properties.

Once the Computer Management console appears, right-click "Computer Management (local)" and click "Connect to another computer..."  Specify the computer to which you want to connect and you will be able access remotely much of the info that is available locally.

Once connected to the remote computer, try right-clicking "Computer Management (remote computer name)" and selecting Properties.

Hope this helps,
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jacksonbillyAuthor Commented:
Ya, I've used Computer Management before, infact I used it about an hour ago for remote purposes.  My orginal questions was:  Is there a way to map a drive to "My Computer" instead of C$ or D$, etc.?  


George - I think we need a better explanation of "My Computer".
What are you wanting to get to on the remote device?
My Computer is merely an icon containing a culmination of the local drives, files, and settings.
Sometimes, depending on your OS, it will show you Control Panel's link, Network Shortcuts/Connected mappings, Removable Storage and the like.
You cannot 'map' to a remote "My Computer" in the sense that it sounds like you mean it...

Perhaps rephrase your question.  What are you specifically trying to get at, on the remote device...?
Why dont you right click on 'MyComputer' -> Map Network drive -> then create for example g drive

then to map to to

that should go to my computer
anil_u - map to what?
Even that 'map' route asks for a destination....
Besides - that procedure is for mapping a remote resource, not local...
Sirbounty, your right, dont know what I was talking bout last night, (was late)
anyways, I will make up for that last comment by looking into further tonight
Ok thta started to bother me, anyways I figured it out.

1.Create a folder on your desktop called share1 (or whatever you want)

2.Open this folder, then create a shortcut to my computer (Right click on "My computer " and drag into share1 and then select 'Create shortcut(s) here)

3. Share this folder by right clicking, sharing and then give it a name for example share1.

This folder will now be available on the network as

Now I suggest you rename the shortcut to something other than 'Shortcut to My Computer' for example MyComputer

Then you can access this on the network with

Hope I could help

jacksonbillyAuthor Commented:
anil_u -- I believe you have answered it to the fullest my question could be answered.  To others that are confused...I am trying to NOT use "Map a Drive" for all the computers on my network.  I was instead playing around with creating a shortcut and choosing the destination like this:  "\\computer1\c$".  The problem is each computer has a D drive and a C drive.  If I create a shortcut twice for each computer on my domain than I'm gonna have tons of shortcuts.  Therefore, I was hoping there was a way to create just one shortcut per computer.  So that, if I were to open the shortcut I would see all the drives on that remote computer. Hence, like you would on your local "My Computer".  Furthermore, after opening the shortcut and seeing each drive, I should be able to browse each drive like you would in "Windows Explorer".  

Thanks again everyone,

Brilliant - Glad I could help :)

Now that the question has been answered please could you allocate the points

jacksonbilly - I wish you'd explained it that way from the beginning.
To see all shares on a remote system
Start->Run-> \\Computername <enter>
will display them (with the exceptions of hidden shares, denoted with a trailing "$")

anil_u - you don't think that creating that shortcut would work do you?
That would merely open up your local "My Computer"...not the remote's copy...
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