software to recognize my hardware so i can locate the drivers

i would like to write and application that recognizes devices like
. this should provide me with info to locate driver for the device.
how do i achieve this ?
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CallandorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I thought I demonstrated that there was a program (Aida32) that already did the identification.  No response from the asker as to whether it answered the question, and the program has now been superceded by Everest.
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collins23Author Commented:
thanks for the links guys, but wat am really looking at is the situation where " windows has not drivers for my
hardware" and so i have to search the internet for the driver using the info derived by the software.

in other words, i have installed windows and under devices i see question marks on some meaning the driver
has not been installed. the software should be able to identify some information from the hardware than can help
me locate the driver.

does any of the above software do this ?
Aida certainly does, under computer summary.
collins23Author Commented:
can i get an english version ?
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