I have buttons that expand on hover, but how do you stop them from expanding under other buttons?

Tryed using Layers, works for som but not depending on what layer
Tryed putting them all on the same layer Nada.

Ive seen this done here:

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Are your button symbols movies or buttons? If they are movies it should be pretty simple to sort out.
Using duplicateMovieClip( ) it will automaticaly place your movie over the root level. If your buttons ara buttons, then put them in a movie. Things will get simpler from there.  -> you will have to paste this in your browser to se it... dumb apostrophe...

Easy.  Store the buttons in an array.  Shift the level of the "active" button so that it is in a layer higher than all the others.
Take a look at the navigation in www.missweblash.com and see how the active button is always above.

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