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Front-end needed

Posted on 2004-04-21
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-05-18
Ok... I need a front end for something I'm working on and I don't know how to do it.  I need a user to be able to see a tree-view of their harddrive(s) and be able to select and unselect folders and individual files (checkboxes?).  When they do this, I need this program that you are writing for me to write to a text file for me to process with Perl (the only language I actually know).

I don't have too many stipulations regarding the output... just that it be complete enough for me to do some logical parsing.  Here's an idea:

The highest level folder they select in any given branch is written to a text file with that path
If they DESELECT any folder beneath that, that path gets written and flagged as a deselect
Similarly, every FILE they DESELECT under that high-level folder has its path written and flagged as a deselect.

So, if you picture it, there can be multiple "high level" folders, each with its own set of "exclusions" (for lack of a better word).  Here's a diagram demonstrating 2 "high level" folders being selected (1 is not) and some "exclusions"

    Cdrive ------ Documents and Settings   (selected)
            ----- Program Files            (not selected)
            ----- Accounting Files         (selected)
               ----- Another Folder        (inherits selected)
               |  |
               |  ----- Some.File          (deselected)
               ----- Yet Another           (deselected)

So this would result in a text file something like this

+ c:\Documents and Settings\
+ c:\Accounting Files\
- c:\Accounting Files\Some.File
- c:\Accounting Files\Yet Another\

c:\program files\ doesn't need to be written because it was never selected in the first place. And c:\Accounting Files\Another Folder\ doesn't need to be written because it is assumed as part of c:\Accounting Files\
Notice the + and - flags.  Really, only one or the other need to be there just so I can distinguish.

So to recap:

The highest level selected folder in a tree branch is written to the file
Each directory and File beneath the selected folders that are DEselected are written and flagged.

It doesn't have to be ultra slick, but clean would be nice. And functional... obviously these trees can expand pretty much forever, so the interface needs to accommodate (window sliders?)

Finally, I need it to be an exe... not a vb script cause I wouldn't know what to do with it. I just want to be able to call it from a batch file or Perl, have the user use it, and have their selections output to a text file as described.  Even better if it can first read from the text file to reflect their previous choices from a past session - boy that would be worth an extra $10 for sure.

Thanks to anyone that takes the time to look this over.  Cheers.
Question by:s_mack
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Expert Comment

ID: 10885770
Is it commercial proposition? If so $10 is insufficient for a program that "works without author patience".
LVL 44

Expert Comment

ID: 10887698
LVL 44

Expert Comment

ID: 10887741
MikProg>  that was 500 points + $10.  That makes a HUGE difference.  LOL

s_mack >  this is NOT a programmer for hire site.  It does not work that way, and in fact, trying to hire someone from this site is in DIRECT CONFLICT with the Membership Agreement :

"Soliciting individuals for employment other than in designated areas (for example, within a discussion thread)."

The pupose of this site is to ASSIST you in developing the applicaiton for yourself, NOT having someone write the application for you.
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Expert Comment

ID: 10888364
Arthur_Wood>Right! 500+$10 ... 3,5 % per year ... where is my calculator? :)

Author Comment

ID: 10890637
Holy crap! What happened to this place?

The $10 was a figure of speech, aparantly only used in my neck of the woods - sort of like "I'd buy that for two dollars!" as used in several films from yesteryear. But regardless, I'm obviously not stupid enough to think I'd find a hired gun here for two cups of Starbucks coffee.

So, if anyone has anything USEFUL to say, the points are there.

I've written 99% of this myself - I just got stuck on the front-end and need some help.  But really Arthur, if you don't want to help - don't.. no need to get into attack mode.
LVL 44

Expert Comment

ID: 10893755
you made it sound as if you wanted someone to write the entire application for you , from scratch.  Your original question was stated as if you wanted a 'hired gun', to take your requirements and produce an exe for you.  That does NOT suggest to me, at least, that you have already written 99% and all you need is the front-end.

"Finally, I need it to be an exe... not a vb script cause I wouldn't know what to do with it" sound lie you are aksing someone to write this exe for you.  

But as I said, we are more than willing to ASSIST, but I (for one) don't have the time or the inclination to write an entire 'front-end' exe, for a handful of points, that are essentially worthless.  This application is going to take some effort, and your requiremetns are somewhat nebulous, so thee would undioubtedly be a rather lengthy series of trial-and-error attempts, and this site is NOT conducive to such an exchange.  I am a professional developer, and I interact with this site in my spare time, and your application is probably in the 1 to 2 weeks worth of effort range (on a part-time basis).


Author Comment

ID: 10893795
ok so stop posting and wasting your time and mine.  Some people on here are NOT professionals and would very much like practice working on a practical application to see IF they can take someones request and make it work.

Just because I don't know VB (or C or whatever) doesn't mean I haven't put a lot of work into it.  What I do know relatively well is Perl, which isn't very condusive for making Windows front-ends.

If you think the points are worthless, don't take it. But why spend effort complaining about it?  Go write develop something professional and leave this be.

Accepted Solution

someman4oneman earned 1000 total points
ID: 10895433
I would suggest going to http://www.activestate.com/ and download the Perl windows toolkit.
This will give you a perl api for creating windows apps.
I am going to bed now for a 'love in'
Peace all


Author Comment

ID: 11099117

Refund points - I got no (usefull) answer.

Expert Comment

ID: 11104852
Why do you not ask bid on http://www.rentacoder.com? Or send me private  mail to MikProg@yandex.ru

Author Comment

ID: 11119157
Why in the world would I want to PAY a "programmer" that makes fun of my request?

Bottom line is that a) I don't need it THAT bad b) Even if I did... I have no money to spend on this non-commercial project.

I don't make any money off my program... I just wanted to see if it could look a little nicer with a gui.  I didn't care to learn a whole new language, so I posted a request here.

Clearly, you guys don't want to help... fine... then just let it die.  It amazes me,  as busy as you guys are being professional programmers, that you would waste so much time beating this thing to death.
LVL 20

Expert Comment

ID: 11119534
A few things:

- to get a refund you need to answer to all experts suggestions. You failed in this. You never answerred to someman4oneman. The fact that you had not received an answer is not a reason for a refund - see here when you take refund:

- this is site for help - not for writing someting from the beginning to the end for you. If you need such thing - pay to someone. Even if someone wants to - I am afraid the Moderators will not allow this.

- everyone here volunteer their time to help. So... don't you think you owe them at least some respect?


Do you know that posting your mail and proposing to work for him is a violation of the rules? :)


Author Comment

ID: 11119758
Yes, fine.  I do respect the ideals of this site.  No I don't respect the initial comments made to shoot down my question before it had a chance to go anywhere.

Thanks someman4oneman for trying to point me in the right direction. I'm pretty sure I did respond but ovbiously its not there.  I'm playing with it now, but its looking to be an incredibly inefficient way of getting a gui going.

Now... Veabili... you are making the same mistake Arthur and MIk did... only you had the advantage of hearing both sides of it and you still made the comment that, "this is site for help - not for writing someting from the beginning to the end for you".

So respect... well, you obviously didn't respect that I clearly stated that I had done the VAST majority of the work (well 100% of it so far). Relative to the project as a whole, the gui was a very minor thing.  Respect goes both ways.

Anyway... I'll accept someman4oneman's answer so the points (which are "worthless", as noted by our "experts") don't go to waste since they aren't going to be refunded.

Expert Comment

ID: 11124254
' I do respect the ideals of this site...'. You can't respect until you understand them. I still ready to help you to make something with YOU hands, but not to do anything with MY hands for you. Even without points (to rise this place respectability in your eyes).
'... shoot down ...'. Programming is so boried thing. Computer against you.  Hours... Hours... Short talks is only thing to get some relaxation, make some laught against neighbour with easy bite. So sorry if I bite you too strong.

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