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I am an end user of a program that uses a Paradox v5 database for the entries.  I have had nothing but problems with this, but most I have been able to fix using the table repair utility.  Recently, we started getting a "Key Violation" error when we try to save a new entry.  I attempted to fix the database and rebuild it, but this error continues to appear.  Note that this has never done this until recently (less than a week ago).  How can I repair this so we can use our program again?  We use this program on a day-to-day basis and I would like to get this repaired ASAP!  Thanks!
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You can use Access 2003 to link to the tables and get a look at the data. You will need to download the latest ISAM drivers from Microsoft as there are published TK's in regards to Paradox and the initial release of Access. Once you have a link established to the tables you can scan through the data an perform queries that can help you locate the record and if you have the BDE engine running on your machine you can make the record go away or even repair it with Access, that is if it can be located. Look very closely at the last record or group of records entered if they can be identified.....

Since you are the end user you may want to consider contacting your IT department (You did not mention If you had one) or if your company has a technical resource that they normally contract with to perform this as you will need to be somewhat comfortable with Access to do this type of mining operation.
You are trying to reuse a key that is already in the table. Please find out your primary key columns/unique constraint columns that have an existing value for the data that you are trying to insert.
Hmmmm...I couldn't tell you, since the solution *probably* lies in the program, not damage to the database.  

It is possible that there is some internal record counter within the program that writes its information to a unique key.  For example, something that creates invoices has a record of the last invoice number used.   In the invoice table, there may be a field for the invoice number that needs to be unique (there can only be one invoice record with the number #1015, for example).  If somehow, an invoice with #1016 gets written to the table without the program's internal counter of the last invoice record used getting incremented, the program will try to create another invoice #1016 and get a key violation.

In a nutshell, my thought is that the answer is not going to come from repairing the back-end database, but rather from someone who has experience with your specific application.
kvalley9599Author Commented:
It seems like the problem is boiled down to the database because we were able to add records to previous copies of the same database.  Unfortunately, even if we are able to use a backup, there are about 200+ records that would need to be re-entered.  Can Access update paradox tables with the newest Jet drivers?
You have to have the BDE engine installed as a prerequisite as well as the updated ISAM drivers but yes.  Either way you sound like you are going to have to restore from the backup. If you can get access to work like microsoft says it will then you will save yourself the leg work of re-entering 200 orders.
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