windows error cyclic redundancy check

ya i have this error, cyclic redundancy check wen i try to install movie files, either from games or videos from my yamaha cd-rw .Can my driver be ****ed up ,or like the other guy say'd after he install the windows media player update ?pls need a reply as soon as possible. thx verry much.
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magus123Connect With a Mentor Commented:
one thing to try is

i  had some sucess in getting to save some files from my burned cds.

also note , that virus that you mention did not come from windows update , what happens is that
your  system was infected with a virus and then it contaminates the windows update shortcut
so that you get sent to a fake update site or redirects a protion of itself to download another virus

i know this for a fact , because i found know applications that i did not intall in adware logs,
i right clicked windows update and found the shortcut pointing to another site , ur using
a specific command to spread.

Try to do it on another pc.

Look here:
This could be a problem of your source (in this case the cd-rw I believe).
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Happens mostly when CD's are written at higher rates than they are made to support. The slower the burn rate, the more reliable the resulting CD is.
Ghost13Author Commented:
Thx, but still no good.I burn at 20 x and all my cd's are 32 x and higher.memorex black CD-R.i want to know if i have to format my pc becose it worked fine before .Then i have a virus and i hade to format and reinstal windows XP can it be a bad instalation of windows or a bad windows update i think my problem came from windows update for media player but im still not shure .but thx both of you for trying but i need to find out soon becose it cant go on like this .And system restor is no an option.
does your drive have the latest firmware?
Is there another other device on the bus?
if so as a test have just the CD drive on the bus.
Escpecially if the CD drive shares the bus with a hard drive I've seen problems.  
this problem will not go away i to have the same issue  and will follow this thread for any insite
i have  a dvd player and recorder  that wontr ead certain cdr dvdrw , its not the dvd-rom as
i have tested on xp and it works flawlessly. i have done all things mentioned above and still no
go. if you find a solution please post.

this happens to me only in win 2000 , xp works fine with my drive
Ghost13Author Commented:
yea i have the latest firmware and the bus is fine. I tried my CD-RW on a nother pc and its fine and my CD 's to but some say  corrup data error in files extention .but on my pc its (cyclic redundancy error).im realy wondering if its not a bad install of windows or that supid windows update.

Oh yea if anybody wants to know ?Q330994.exe:Is a trojan ,in your
Internet Explorer floder.
If anybody wants to know were i got it i came from WINDOWS UPDATE ABOUT 3 WEEKS AGO I HADE TO FORMAT PC .
Ghost13Author Commented:
yea i know but it came from windows update becose i called teck support and they told me that it came from theyr site becose they hade a hacker hack there system and they got rid of it but nah it came from widows update but thx anyways ill try iso buster if it dont work well ill format and do a new instal becose i never hade this problem befor till my last format i must have done a bad instal but thx for the help and the points are yours magus123 laters if you still have problems with that error well get me at
laters man thx for the help.
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