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Resizing .swf files

I have created little movies that are now .swf files. I would like to incorporate them into a portfolio site that is 500 x 500. The .swfs are too big. Someone said that I need to go back to the original flash file and resize it there, but when I do this by selecting all, not all elements in the animation resize. How do I go about resizing the .swf so that I can place it into an empty movie clip in my main flash file?
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You will have to make sure you have the "EDIT MULTIPLE FRAMES" button selected under your main timeline. You will then have to move the little onion skin markers that show up to the right and left of the playhead in the timeline to span the number of frames you want to edit in your timeline so all frames in the animation are selected - then press ctrl-A to make sure all elements are selected and then scale using either your transform tool or "scale" from the menu.

(if you have multiple scenes you will have to do this step for each scene)

Hope this makes sense... if you get stuck look in the flash help for "edit multiple frames"

 You need not really go and edit each file and change the size. The follwing action will do the magic.

my_mc.loadMovie("page1.swf"); // my_mc is the movie or placeholder into whcih you are laoding your swf
my_mc._xscale=10;// Resizes to 10% the x
my_mc._yscale=10;// Resizes to 10% the y

This works for me and will work for you too.

Hope this helps !

Thats all very well, but is it necessary. Bearing in mind that SWF files are vector based and will shrink and grow with no loss of quality, why not simply force the SWF to be of a smaller size in your document by specifiying height and width in your HTML code.. less work.
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The SWF files that are calle din your portfoio site will them have to fit into the space provided.. and I hope that makes sense, it kind of does to me, but I have just OD'ed on chocolate
you could also size the target (empty) movieclip on the main timeline..
and your incoming movies will scale with it..eg

on the clip put the code..

        _width = 500;     //the 500 is pixels
       _height = 500;

right click --> set size 500x500, then if it messes up size things, change it manually. If things dont resize, select them indevidually and look into whats going on.

 If your question is answered plese close the quesion.

is there an updated way of this method in Action Script 3?
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