Error Installing .Net Framework 1.1

We have a Windows XP machine that had the .Net Framework 1.1 loaded and applications ran fine.  Last week a VB.Net application began getting an error "Application Has Generated An Exception That Could Be Handled:  process id=0xf84 (3972), Thread id=0xf88 (3976)"

This application is run on 30+ other machines with no problems at all.

We uninstalled the .Net framework and reinstalled.  We get through the install, but when we hits the configuration screen we get an error: "Snap-in failed to initialize.  Name: .Net Framework 1.1 Configuration CLSID{1270E004-F895-42BE-8070-DF90D60CBB75"

We cannot go any further as when we click Ok it dies.  We've tried redownloading the .Net 1.1 installation file with the same results.

We've run scans on the hard drive and found no errors.

Short of reformatting the machine has anyone had this happen to them?  Any thoughts or ideas?


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Was your application developed with .NET Framework 1.0 or 1.1? You  could try to install the older Framework at the link below:

IF you developed w/ 1.0 it's not forward compatible w/ 1.1, but if you developed w/ 1.1 it's backwards compatible w/ 1.0.


I had a simliar problem before, did you try to install Framework 1.1 and then restarting the machine?

Good luck!

RichWAuthor Commented:
We tried that already, and it is does not fix the problem.

RichWAuthor Commented:
We developed the application on 1.0, and the user had 1.1 installed.  30+ other machines have 1.1 installed and they are running the 1.0 application without any problems at all.

It is 1.1 we are trying to reinstall on the machine that is giving us trouble.

I'm sure reformatting the machine will fix it, but we'll do that as a last resort.  I'd prefer to keep looking for a solution.

RichWAuthor Commented:
Thanks for trying guys.  I still don't have a solution, but I wanted to get this thread closed.
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