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Tough question: moving folders from netware 5 to W2k3

I am needing to move user folders and shares from a netware 5.1 server to a W2k3 cluster.  Where this is going to be done, there is not any Windows domain ... therefore, no active directory.  

Here is what I know:

- it is not recommended by MS to have your cluster serve as a DC.  
- in order for users to still log in to Netware and access their folders on a W2k3 box, Netware 5 would have to be upgraded to edirectory, and edirectory would have to be installed on the w2k3 cluster (I could be off here, this is only what I've heard).
- The most viable solution is going to be to install another W2k or w2k3 box as a DC, setup users there, and either migrate from netware (yuk!) or run scripts to when users log in to access their specific folder (again, yuk!).

Anyone done something similar to this.  I am just in the planning phase right now, so links, insights, war battles that are informative and relavent will work.

Thanks guys.
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The problem with clustering a DC is that if the server goes down, it will be very difficult to recover the AD. Netware has a directory export tool, which you can use to create new users. If you already have a DC up and running you can use MSDSS migrate which will sync AD and NW. Otherwise you can cheat a little.

Export the directory of users from netware to a csv file.
Run through the rights and login scripts for users and groups in NW and copy them.

If you are truly moving the users from Netware, you can move all the files to the cluster (as a standalone server), then format the netware box once you've confirmed all the data relocated and make it a Win2003 DC (If you can get the memory and/or processor upgraded). This all works reasonably well if your domain currently has less than 20 users, which I would assume since you have only the 1 server.

Create new users on the DC.
Join the cluster to the new domain.
Apply permissions for all files, etc.
Modify client PC logins by removing the NW client (since NW would be removed)

You can even leave the files on the old NW server if it has multiple partitions and just write 2003 to the primary drive.

Larger than 20 users you will definitely need a new DC server, or cheat even more. For instance, you could setup your cluster unclustered with 2 or more partitions, create AD on the cluster, migrate, format old NW as DC, take over the domain, remove cluster from domain, format, rebuild cluster, add to domain as member, etc.
neowolf219Author Commented:
Awesome, thanks for the reply.  

If I can pick your brain a little bit more...

We are not going to do away with Netware, so users are still going to be logging in using the Netware Client.  Since this is the case, is it best to create the users in AD from scratch and then have them log in to the Windows domain when they log into Netware?  (I have no idea why we don't just switch to AD, but it isn't my decision).

Also, you mentioned the MSDSS tool ... do you have a link or any more information with regards to this?

You might be able to convince the decision maker if you can get your NW server to meet specs for being a DC at low cost (since NW 5.1 serves little or no purpose unless you are running groupwise). Any perceived advantages of a NW client login are quickly lost once it becomes clear that 2003 is much more robust. Even if your clients are using the NW client for security on a windows 98 machine, you can install a 3rd party MS login client for the same security level.

MSDSS can be found at:
neowolf219Author Commented:
Thanks a lot.  I am just brainstorming right now ... this isn't going to be done until the middle of May.  I am going to try and find a few boxes to simulate this on.  If you guys can think of any other gotchas with usine MSDSS with Netware and AD, please let me know.  I'll leave this post opened for another day or two and then hand out points.

Again, thanks.  

neowolf219Author Commented:

I am so sorry for not awarding points earlier.  Simply slipped my mind.  Thanks so much for your help, again.

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