"Access denied" when creating Backup Exec Backup-To-Disk folder across network


I'm testing that we can recover a machine from a backup on backup-to-disk folder on another machine. I rebuilt the server as a standalone machine, part of a workgroup, not on the domain. The idea is to restore the backup and the server will re-appear on the domain, correct SID etc.

I have to create the backup-to-disk folder before I can restore from it, but when I do, I get "Access denied". Yet I can read/write the remote folder in Windows Explorer and from a command prompt, so I'm sure it's not simply a permissions issue.

Has anyone been in a similar position of trying to link to an existing folder?
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Trygve ThayerConnect With a Mentor IT DirectorCommented:
You will need to have a login profile that will allow you the rights to backup and copy the data.  In backup to disk when you start a backup job make sure under Network....Login accounts you have a profile set up with rights to the place you are copying to.  When you set the backup job under credentials select change and set it to the login profile with the proper rights.
If you have a Windows 2000 domain with Active Directory, you don't need to restore each server. You just promote the server as domain controller, and the replication of active directory will occur.

If is a standalone server, I wonder how do you managed to backup all the data, even the locked files.

I would like to help, but give some more info about the network.
crescendoAuthor Commented:
OK, here's a fuller picture...

We have a domain called ABC and several servers. Each night the servers are backed up to a central server with a huge hard disk. We want to ensure that we can rebuild and restore a server if it fails. When we used tapes my strategy was to reload the operating system, leaving the server in a workgroup, not adding it back to the domain. Then I reload the backup software, restore from tape and reboot. Hey presto, the server is back on the domain as the original server.

Now that we use the Backup-To-Disk folders, I want to check that the same strategy works. I reload the operating system (Windows 2000) and Backup Exec, but then I need to create the backup folder so that I can restore the backup it contains. This is where I get problems.

First I tried giving the folder full permissions for Everyone. I could browse to it (because I called the workgroup ABC, same as the domain) but got Access Denied... you do not have permissions etc when I clicked on OK to create the folder in Backup Exec.

Next I tried mapping a drive and specifying a domain admin for the credentials. Again I could browse to it, could even write to it and create a folder in Windows Explorer, but when I browsed to it in Backup Exec and tried to create the folder I get Access Denied as above.

Can you either solve the problem as described, or suggest a better way of doing the restore? One solution would be to join the domain, but this would leave a dead account in the Active Directory once the server was restored with its proper SID.
crescendoAuthor Commented:
I solved the problem by reinstalling Backup Exec. The only difference I can see is that the reinstall was done as an evaluation license, knowing that it would be overwritten with the correct details by the restore.
crescendoAuthor Commented:

Sorry about the 'C', but you didn't really solve the question. However your comment might be useful to someone in the future, so it would have been mean to have deleted the question and got a points refund.
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