Changing the IP of and DHCP server on win2000

I have a server running win2000 with DHCP server installed , the currebt IP of the server is , i have tryed to change it to  in the Network settings , then when i go to the DHCP Administration i cant find the right properties to change the ip there , and i get an error DHCP server not found

any Help on that would be apreciated
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eedleeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
x.x.x.0 means you can browse anything within the last octect. You could temporarily change the mask to if you want to change the IP then dhcp (server is failing to browse itself after change). If your entire domain is changing over, you won't need a different subnet. Once you modify the scope, restart dhcp. Then use ipconfig /release & /renew from the command line at a client afterwards to get the new range.
Gareth GudgerCommented: the DHCP doesn't work when you go into DHCP Admin?

Try rebooting after yo umade the IP changes. You will need to (unathorize the DHCP server if you are running ACtive Directory) and remove the server from DHCP Admin. Then readd it.

If that doesn't work you might just have to completely uninstall and reinstall the DHCP service through Add/Remove Windows Compnents in Add/Remove Programs.
you are changing it to another subnet... I am assuming the mask is
your clients will be looking for it on the 0.0 subnet.
The dhcp address itself does not need to be in the DHCP admin section. The clients access the DHCP server via broadcast messages
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"DHCP server not found" try browsing for the server (right click 'dhcp' and enter ip) before you change the ip. If you can't find it make sure the service is running in control panel. To change the range, look for the address pool in the scope, then modify the scope options like DNS and router if required.
lowformatAuthor Commented:
Are you sure unistalling the DHCP server from the server wont damage anything else on the network?
lowformatAuthor Commented:
ah.. kabaam the subnet is all over the network , i change the ip without changing the subnet ,as i know i dont have to touch the subnet when chaing ips , or i have to?
Gareth GudgerCommented:
Um... DHCP is all done via broadcast announcements.....I dont see myself even how it would matter if the DHCP server was switched to a different IP subnet not a different broadcast subnet (unless of course after the clients changed also he had other static IP devices like routers and servers that needed changing).
Gareth GudgerCommented:
Also remembering that IP subnets and broadcast subnets (DHCP using broadcasts) are different.....
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