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Being generally disorganised and now panicing, I would appreciate any help to get me moving:

I have a c programming problem which has to be menu driven. Must accept data to a named file, save, read, sort and perform various actions upon this data held. When selected from the menu.

Problem is i have only done basic programms and for the above, I haven't a clue were to start. Any help will be gratefully recieved.

Cheers  Mozzle

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avizitConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I presume you have to make a text based menu

well to begin with first

1.you have to  present the menu to the user
for that use printf () (or puts() ) to output something on the screen say

##### what is your name ?

2. now you have to get the user input for that you use

scanf() ( or gets() as the case maybe )

3. after you have read the user input you can base your further action depending on the input

for example like

if (inout == 'd' ){

 // delete action
}else if (inout == 'q'){
 //quit action  

etc etc

hope it helps . to get you started .

come back if you after you have started and face more problems.

Sounds like a panicked homework problem.  We cannot give code, but we can give lots of advice.

First, you need to clarify what you mean by menu system.  Are you supposed to use a GUI system such as Windows or gnome?  Or are you supposed to print a list of options, have the user enter their choice, then process it? There's too many options for "menu system" to give you any advice.
ankuratvbConnect With a Mentor Commented:
use switch..case along with getchar() to get the choice.

If you are using Borland's compilers,you can use getch() for getting user input.

char ch;
ch=getchar();//or ch=getch();
 case '1'://do something
 case '2'://do something
 case '3'://do something
 case '4'://do something

 default:printf("Invalid choice");

Make it loop so that it asks again if there is an invalid choice/
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