Migrating Windows 2000 server to new hardware

I have a windows 2000 server and I have just purchased new hardware and need to move it over.  Can anyone suggest the best way to move it over to the new hardware?  I read about installing the new hardware with the same OS then restoring a full backup from the older server.  Is this the best way to move it over?
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sirbountyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Well, for the record, I've done 40-50...though I've never done a Term server - mostly F&P, Exch, app/db servers...
It really depends a lot on how much data you have to restore...I usually do these by location, not by server, so we're talking probably 3-6 servers over a weekend.
I'll perform a full backup on Thursday evening after end of business.
Then, during the workday on Friday, with the new server built and the OS installed (with the backup solution), perform a restore.
After the close of business on Friday, I run a differential backup of the old server and then that restore is performed on the new server.
Typically this process is complete by 2300 - then I'll rename the old server, and change its IP address to something else - change the name on the new to that of the old and give it the original IP and then run DCPromo on it...
The remainder of the evening is usually checkout of permissions, shares, etc...
I'm usually out of there by 0200 if all goes well...

That's the exact same procedures we've used on over 160 servers...works fine (just don't restore the registry items - our backup software included this option).
menreeqAuthor Commented:
IF i don't restore the registry then how do i run the programs?
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This might also be of value if you have Active Directory.

What services does the server have.

With Exchange, I would just use EXMERGE to create backup psts of you users mailboxes and then create a new machine.  Migrate the mailboxes to the new machine.

If it is just a DC, create it and then allow for replication

If it is just a file server - Set up the server the way you want, copy over everyones files and set permissions as needed.  Bring down the old server and rename the new one. Or do as what was suggested with the backup.
menreeqAuthor Commented:
It is running Terminal Services too.  I thought it would be easier just to move it to new hardware then to install and configure the OS again.
That would be easier.  You can still use the TS licenses you had before.  
menreeqAuthor Commented:
sirbounty since you have done 160 of these how long would you say that this process should take?
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