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Weird mailbox issues...mainly calendar occurances

Hi all, have got a recurring issue/issues that I was hoping some of you might have experienced/fixed.  Here it is in as small a nutshell as I can give:

Running Exchange 2000 w/ sp3 and post svc pk3 installed on a win2k server, svc pk 4.  I have standard edition, and am sitting around 12-13gb on my store (I think...the mdbdata folder says its only 8gb total, but when I run exmerge, it says I have 13.1 gb of mailbox space...but that's a whole seperate question).

I have several power users who have over 500mb in their mailbox stores, with one user having 800mb (my CEO.......), most others are less than 20 mb.  I have noticed that, especially on my CEO's calendar, weird things happen for no reason.  Take a couple of weeks ago.  My CEO has on his calendar the birthdates of every associate who works for my company, and he is the only one who has this type of data, and it is set up to exist as recurring appointments.  Well on the 9th of April, another user came to work, opened their outlook, and placed their iPaq onto their cradle and *poof*, next thing you know, its trying to synchronize 267 new calendar items.  He aborted the transfer, opened his calendar, and lo and behold, he has an exact copy of all of these birthdays on his calendar, as my CEO does.  They did not share iPaq's, they did not share Calendar items, and user B does not have permissions of any sort to get into my CEO's mailbox.  Also, NO other calendar data from my CEO appears on associate B's calendar.  JUST the b-day information.

About the same time, my CEO's 'all day' calendar appt's changed from NEVER having a reminder appear, to overnight, ALL of them having reminders appear, with no change on his part.  Issues like this seem to be complicated by the fact that he (and other users who experience similar problems) use their iPaq's to sync both w/ their home computers and their work computers, which generate other errors (that I think I have a handle on).  In the past 6 months, I have not had anyone call and report similar issues who doesn't use an iPaq to sync between two computers (one on the network and one not), but that may be entirely coincidental, since my iPaq users are my 'power users' and everyone else is merely an 'occassional' exchange user.

Other misc. occurances are lost calendar appts for my CEO (and pretty much only him).  I figure his profile is corrupt, but I never receive an error running EXMERGE on his account, and I just ran 'eseutil /g' on my priv1.mdb and it came back saying that everything was fine (INTEGRITY check successfull), so no major corruption on my private store as a whole.  

My CEO refuses to delete this email profile, and for the time being doesn't want to export everything out to a .pst file, allow us to delete his email account, recreate it, and then reimport the .pst file to see if we can't rid the mailbox of the offending items causing this weirdness, because he is afraid of 'losing' something without knowing what that 'something' is ahead of time.  Sooooo....anyone have any ideas as to what may be causing this and how I can check if there is any other issues out there that I can't see?

About 1 year ago we did run a full antivirus scan against the exchange folder, with subsequent calendar data loss (oh how much I have learned since), but we have a new email server since then, with a clean install, and have 'moved' all of the mailboxes successfully 5 months ago now, with no major problems since.  Only my CEO seems to get these weird issues popping up, and he tells me that this has occurred "From Day 1", five years ago with Exchange on his account, so its nothing recent that I can point my finger to.  The whole b-day thing is a great example of the types of things that randomly occur around his account (and subsequently to other ppl's accounts with his data).

Anyone?  Short of deleting his entire mailbox, purging it, and reimporting everything, I'm at a loss to figure out how/why this stuff is happening.  No event logs are generated when these issues occur that I can tell....we have some unknown logs, but they don't relate that I can tell:

MSExchangeIS Mailbox Store

An error occurred on database 'first storage group\mailbox store (server)'.  Function name or description of problem: EcGenerateNRN: Error: 0x8004010f


same source as above w/description:

An error occurred on database 'first storage group\mailbox store (server)'. Function name or description of problem: Restrict/SetSearchCriteria Error:-1102 Warning: fail to apply search optimization to folder (FID a-4C930) Retrying without optimization.

These are new to my logs and have only occurred once each time that I can see.

Thanks all,



OH, and I just tonight installed svc pack 4 for Exchange.....

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1 Solution
First thing I'd try is to back up the CEO iPAQ and then hard reset it to clear all the data off the iPAQ, then resync it with Outlook

The amount of weird calendar problems I've had from senior management installing crappy apps on their iPAQ and screwing up their outlook is now in the hundreds ....

Check what apps are on the CEO's iPAQ too and make sure you have copies of them or the porduct keys.
Update the firmware and Windows CE software too by pulling it off HP's web site.

If you have a spare iPAQ you can do this on that first, rather than cock up the CEO's .....

aquiliusAuthor Commented:
Thanks What90, great idea, but unfortunately, one that we've gone through several times already....how many times?  Well :), are you ready?  5 new iPaq models w/latest firmware in the past 24 months with the most recent being 5 months ago.  Multiple hard and soft resets on at least two units of the same model each time he 'upgrades'.

He's a big kid who likes toys!  Each time a new iPaq model comes out, he has to have it.  To stay ahead of the game, I get the same model at the same time (heh..a perk of troubleshooting his problems) and test it out, though admittedly, not with his 3rd party software apps, and w/ my own data, but no errors what so ever appear....so I give him my iPaq, hard reset it, and resync....same errors with his data and this is usually  before he reinstalls it w/ most of his 3rd party programs.

But I agree....I do think the iPaq has a part in this tragedy, but how big a role, I don't know....yet!


btw, don't know if you had a chance to see, but I 'edited' the above with some information that you might not have seen while you were typing your response.



I had one of those in my last job, gadget mad, bounced between palms and iPAQ's. Fun playing with the tools, pain in arse supporting though ;-)

If the Exmerge tool is coming up clean, then you could try this:

Re-create the CEO profile in Outlook (on his machine) and then do a sync with the clean iPAQ or set the CEO up  on a clean machine, set a mail profile and then sync.

My thoughts go alone the line of 3rd party iPAQ software buggering things up and you'll need to rule that out before pushing him toward the mailbox recreation lines.

If he's scare of losing stuff create the PST and attach it to his PA's mailbox so they can verify all the mail is there, then do a full backup of exchange, delete the mailbox and recreate it.

It's going to be the iPAQ or the mailbox from gut feel.

Good Luck convincing him :-)

aquiliusAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the input What90,

I'll close the question as we have not been able to implement an effective solution to date.  Thanks for commenting, though!

Points (500) refunded and question closed. Someone missed this four weeks ago -- probably me.

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