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With my second IDE cable I have that connected to a primary cd-rw and a secondary dvd-rw.  The dvd (TDK) works fine.  I don't know what is wrong with the Mitsumi CD-rw.  When I go into control pannel and go to system I will look at my hardware and it will show both cd-roms.  When I go to drwatson and go to components I will choose CD-Rom and It will have no information for either of my CD-Roms.  The Mitsumi that is not working I can not get it to eject.  I have tried with pushing the button and going into explorer and choosing eject for that cd-rom but it will not open.  I downloaded the diagnostic software (cdrcheck.exe) but it isn't getting anywhere.  I just don't know what is wrong with this and why neither of my cd-roms are not displayed when I go into system information and go to components and CD-Rom.
William RichardsonAsked:
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bitter_chickenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1. Check the jumpers on your cd drives - they may or may not have jumpers - check anyway
 - one should be set to secondary master, the other to secondary slave. Or they can both be on 'cable select'
2. Check the power cables to the drive - they're the colourful ones - if you have a spare power cable coming from your power supply, try that too.
3. Check your BIOS settings - i.e. press delete when your computer is starting. Check around for any settings related to your cd-drive, to check it is not disabled
4. Check your motherboard manual for any jumper settings that may be disabled
5. Make sure it is working - change the position on the IDE cable, unplug the other drive.
6. Check the windows hardware compatability ( http://www.microsoft.com/whdc/hcl/default.mspx )
7. Try booting a CD (eg Windows XP) to see if you have a software problem

Sorry, but these points aren't necessarily in order ;)

If none of this gives you a conclusive answer, it is likely you have a faulty drive :(

Hope this helps,
bc :)

PS on point 7 if a CD doesn't boot you may need to enable it in the BIOS - 'boot sequence' If the CD doesnt boot, try changing the boot sequence to CD-ROM,A,C or something like that - cant tell you exactly
If Chicken's advice doesn't work, swap the CDRW and the DVDRW around i.e make the DVDRW and the CDRW the slave and move their positions on the cable. If the fault then transfers to the DVDRW then it's a cabling problem, if both drives now work then the IDE cable is too long for the CDRW.

Some IDE optical drives are very sensitive to the length of IDE ribbon connecting them to the mainboard.
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Hi M1Bill
A small point but people do sometimes forget about this..... double check that you havn't put your IDE cable on the wrong way, to check this you will see a red line down one side of the cable make sure that the red line is running along side the power socket on your cd drives.

I would suggest connecting only one drive and testing it, to reduce the number of variables.  Perhaps the two drives don't work well together, and cause interference.
If callandor's advice works and the master and slave cd/dvd's master and slave pins are in the correct position remove the slave jumper. I have found for some obscure reason that some cd/dvd in slave position will only operate with no jumper in.
William RichardsonAuthor Commented:
My DVDRW was set up on my IDE2 as the slave and works fine.  I went ahead and moved it to IDE1 as the slave and it does have the jumper set right.  The Mitsumi CDRW is the only drive on IDE2 and still doesn't work.  I had the jumper set to Master but I also tried computer select and it doesn't work.  I can not get this Mitsumi to eject at any time so I can not put any CDs in it.  I have even unpluged the IDE cable and just left the power pluged into it and it still won't eject when I press the button.  When I go into system information, components, and select CD-ROM it displays no information what so ever.
CallandorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It sure sounds dead.  If you install it in another machine and get similar results, I would say it's very likely.
William RichardsonAuthor Commented:
When I go into the BIOS and select the boot process I have the option of my Floppy, Hard Drive, and TDK but the Mitsumi is not a choice.  However, when I go into the Standard CMOS Setup it is showing.
That certainly is not normal.  You should have seen CDROM as a choice.  More support for the broken hypothesis.
i dont know if this true in every bios , and i maybe guessing on the whole idea but please correct me if i am wrong
most bios will see both cd-rom devices but on booting order it should see both also, but on some bios
only the primary ide drive will be seen as bootin device.
William RichardsonAuthor Commented:
Well I checked my settings and everything is fine execpt for a SOL CD-ROM.  But I guess I still don't know why my CD-ROMs under System Information, Componets, and CD-ROM are not displayed at all.
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