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How can I change the text in flash movie (.fla file)?

Hello all.
I have got a flash file, it is the orange flashing phone number on www.husmajaeban.com, please have a look. I need to change the text and phone number from “free phone 0800 212 636” to “Telephone Bookings 0845 601 5413”.
If you could download the file of the website as .fla file, do the changes and email them to me on: <removed by modulo> (my storage limit is 2MB) with some desc how to make those changes, I would be grateful.
Or just reply to me how to make this changes.
Any one can help?
Thank you.
H J.
3 Solutions
I wasnt able to get onto the website you gave above.  To change the text in the file can only be done in one of two ways.  If the flash swf file uses a text file to read in the phone number from then you can simply change the number in the text file.  
However, the number is actually stored in the swf file, then you will have to edit the original .fla file to the new number using the text tool, and then export the movie as a .swf file, then upload back to the website.
hjaabanAuthor Commented:
sorry shamstar: it is: www.husamjaeban.com.
I dont have the .swf file, I have only the movie on the web site in addition to .fla file.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Firstly, I would just like to reitterate what has been said above, that is basically experts on EE only provide comments/solutions, they do not actually do the work for someone - mostly guide them through the process of what needs to be done.

Moving on...
After having a look at this site, it would appear that the text is built into the swf file itself rather than making use of a datafile.  This means the only way it can be easily modified would be as I've mentioned above by using the original .fla file.  Do you have the original file? What are your skills like in flash?  I could possibly roughly talk you though how to make the animation.  It would apprear to make extensive use of both motion tweening and alpha tweening, if it you wanted a go at it then read up on those methods.  Also, let me know if you want any more specific information.
-> "I dont have the .swf file, I have only the movie on the web site in addition to .fla file."

If you have the fla file you can open it with flash and change the text. I f you do not have macromedia flash you can download a free trial here... -> http://www.macromedia.com/software/flash/
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