The remote procedure call failed.

The Setup:
Win Server 2k
SQL 2k

set objComp = server.create("myCompents.TestCom")
rtnCode = objComp.DoSomthing(........)

I keep on getting this error 800706BE on the line where i call objComp.DoSomthing(.....), now the components work on the live system but they dont want to work on any test system i've tried.

I took over this project when someone left and now i cant get them to work on a test system. Please i need help this is driving me insane. I'm doing something wrong but i dont know what it is.
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Is the component that you are making the calls to installed on your test server?
ArcanonAuthor Commented:
Yes it's installed.
ArcanonAuthor Commented:
Everything is on the same server.
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Well I created a qucik ActiveX DLL to see if I could maybe re-create the problem that you where having  - I even called it the same as yours - but I could not get mine to produce the error that you received.

To that end I found a post on EE that might (might) help - (an answer was accepted)....

Which contains a link to...

INFO: IIS: Users See Error Message: The Remote Procedure Call Failed and Did Not Execute
ArcanonAuthor Commented:
Ok i found my problem there was a DSN Connection that was not duplicated on the test machine.
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