Router\absolutely inaccessable

Mr. Router is a Linksys BEF somethin-or-other.  It ends in the numbers s11 I think.  It's worth about $120 new, probably $30 used.

I found a big bug in this router which allows someone to make it unusable thru the router interface (  Oopsi!  The diag light started blinking.  The ACT light will blink when things are plugged into it, but holding the reset button for >1 minute (while plugging in, while unplugging, while plugged in) doesn't reset to factory defaults at all.  So can someone help me to fix this without taking it apart?  I called linksys and they said it is defective.  It is now! can't be pinged and packet-sniffer Etherreal can't detect a darn thing from it so...  Cable connections and wireless connections both fail

Does anyone know if the router's flash ROM is soldiered/glued or is it slotted?? (in case of takeapart)

thanx ya'all easy question if you happen to know the exact answer...
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mikebernhardtConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Linksys router are not exactly high-end. Even if you did remove the flash, a replacement would likely cost you more than a new router. Just replace the darn thing, similar models from Linksys or Dlink are well under $100 now.
happispiderAuthor Commented:
looks like it's flash rom (number begins with FB) is soldiered on.  Heavens!  But I've got a new router.
The socket costs more money than solder does...
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