Alternative to this Javascript?

Please take a look at the below link...

On the opening of the page there is a wizard that pops up. This is created in Javascript. Can anyone recommend a similar type of popup that can be placed into a web page that is not Javascript? Maybe just ordinary HTML? Does not have to look as good, but would be preffered. Thanks
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viperwebConnect With a Mentor Commented:
true coltrane, but I do believe he means for it to popup and talk and such, which granted a animated gif on heroine couldn't do. :)
viperwebConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I am not sure if this can be accomplished with plain HTML, being that it really isn't that feature packed.

I am thinking flash, activex, java, or a couple other things might be what you are looking for.
bitter_chickenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
hey thats pretty nifty - I'm pretty sure you cant do it without some sort of scripting..
why would you want to??

bc :-)

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TheKenmanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Since it's an ActiveX control you'll probably have to use scripting. Although it might be possible to use param attributes, I couldn't find any documentation or examples of such.
coltrane2003Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You could simply make an animated .gif. This wouldn't require scripting.
Why do think an animated .gif could not pop up and talk?

There is not much that the animated gif + plus javascript does that could not be duplicated with an animated .gif alone. He did say that it didn't have to look as good. Actually, the animated .gif would look just as good. In fact, it seems to me that you could create an animated .gif that includes the text/talking and place it in an html div with exactly the same effect.

Having said all that, the Javascript is still superior because it is much less file heavy. To do a similar thing with an animated .gif alone with a reasonable file size would require that the animation be smaller.

But my final advice to tomkls is to avoid using such gimicks. Sometimes they are cute once or twice, but mostly they annoy people.
TheKenmanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
>> But my final advice to tomkls is to avoid using such gimicks. Sometimes they are cute once or twice, but mostly they annoy people.

Yep. Unless you're programming for children or as a presentation, I'd avoid it. Anytime I see that stupid MS Office paperclip I want to shoot it in the face, and the same goes for that little puppy dog in XP.... just plain annoying.
tomklsAuthor Commented:
I've now worked it out guys! Thanks for trying anyway!
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