Problem saving a 32 bit Icon

How can I save a Icon in 32 bit color?, I notice that delphi save the Icon only in 16 bit.
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shaneholmesConnect With a Mentor Commented:

I've recently 'tackled' this problem. You can't draw on an icon because
it has no canvas, so you have to copy it to a bitmap.
After that you can
create an icon from that bitmap again but you'll need a second bitmap as
a mask for the transparent parts (which is also something you shouldp
jeep in mind when copying the icon to the bitmap).

You can find a link
to an article explaining this on Earl Glynns page. Look at the icon
section at

Note, change your PixelFormat

BitmapIconA.PixelFormat := pf32Bit

How do I create a bitmap from an icon?  (FAQ 2752D)
How do I create an icon from a bitmap?  (FAQ 2748D),1410,17752,00.html,1410,17748,00.html

hello elvinluis29, this is a rather complex thing to do, especially for 32 bit icons, and their Alpha channel byte in windows XP, but you might look at my Icons to file at

which has a provision for 32 bit icons

ask questions if you need more information
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elvinluis29, a grade of C?

First, like Slick812 said, "it is a very complex thing to do".

Secondly, i believe we (Slick & I) pointed you in the correct direction. If you didn't like the answer, you could have responded saying that is not what you were looking for....explain further, and we would have helped further.

Thirdly, you only provided 20 points. Its not that great of a compensation for someone to spend lots of time on your question. Seeing your question is more of a Intermediate to hard level question, you may have wanted to boost your points to entice others to have an attempt at your question. There are experts like myself and many others, who really dont care about the points, and will make a stab at it regardless....

Fourth - Experts remember those who grade badly and in the future will be hesitant on answering posted questions by those who un-necesarily grade to the extreme.....

elvinluis29Author Commented:
Shane, I am sorry it was not my intension to do this, I mean I didn´t know its work this way.

The trouble was that I could solve the problem that i had and I just want to close the question.


No Problem, i assumed you were new... just so you know in the future, be careful... Good luck!
elvinluis29Author Commented:
Thank you, and sorry again.
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