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Hi, I'm looking for an alternative, insted of using frames... Is there something that can update a content in several pages? I used frames to create menus and things like that... Thanks a lot!
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zastilConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Maybe use an <iframe></iframe> instead!
I'd recommend cascading style sheets.  Take a look at how places their menus.
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While CSS is an excellent tool for presentation, it doesn't solve the problem of updating the content of multiple pages. You need some form of include or template for that.

i agree wit dorward.
u can create a menu using tools like DHTML menu creator, save in a file and include that file in all the other files.

that will be a better option.

Iframes are mentioned at the URI I referenced earlier - along with a bunch of warnings about the problems they can introduce.
Hi HyMaX,

<iframe> is by far the most efficient soloution to your problem.  The syntax is extremely easy and you can place it anywhere.  Check out for an indepth analysis of how to use the <iframe> tag

The cost might seem a little prohibitive, but at least download the trial and see if it is worth it:  - the product you're looking for is Dreamweaver MX 2004

It is (i think) the most popular web development tool....

It offers two ways to make do without those pesky frames:
 - Use of templates; you create one 'Template' page; and you decide which regions may or may not be edited. Then whenever you change the template, it automatically updates the code in all pages based on the template.
 - Use of 'library items'; you create bits of code, and save them in a library of bits. It tracks these bits wherever you insert them. So when you change any one of the bits, it will change in the whole site

bc :-)
You could use PHP (if you have that option on your server) and use the include() programming statement to "include" the contents of a single file into your many html pages.
for information on how this might be done...

HyMaXAuthor Commented:
iframe was perfect for me! thanks!
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