Testing MDaemon with 1 MX record and 1 domain

We are planning to install MDaemon as our new e-mail server. We want to test it on a few users before we switch every body over. We have only 1 mx record and 1 domain name. Is there a way we can have the test user keep their existing mail address xxxxx.xxxx@domain.com but have thier E-mails go through the MDaemon server while everyone else go through our existing pop3 server.
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snakeadelicConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can configure mdaemon to use your existing domain with same email address as your existing(user@domain.com). Create an alias domain(*@domain2.com) corresponding to each account onyour original email address(user@domain.com=useralias@domain2.com)and forward all the emails from your old email account(user@domain.com) to their mdaemon email account alias(useralias@domain2.com).  An issue here is that you have to reset their email password :(.  If you want your users to have seemless migration you need to supply some more info like what is the old mail server altn has tools for migrating exchange to mdaemon you might want to look at this if your using exchange.

Well, I am not sure what actually do you want, but MDaemon has a domain name replacement engine, which may be a handy tool for what you are looking for. Also, you can try using aliases. You may also combine the two.
modmacAuthor Commented:
Thanks for responding. Let me re-word the question. My boss wants me to test it out "Live" on a few people, not everyone. These people will use there current e-mail address but will only go through the Mdaemon server. He doesn't want them to change their e-mail address. The rest of the people will continue to go through our existing pop3 server. Hope this clarifies it some.
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