HELP! E2K3 DB will not mount after POWER Loss

our data center crashed with complete power loss. Exchange DB (E2K3/server 2K3) will not mount. Following errors occuring.

event 419/454
Information Store (2192) First Storage Group: Unable to read page 770745 of database E:\Exchsrvr\mdbdata\priv1.edb. Error -1018.

 Event 9518
Error Read verification error starting Storage Group
Storage Group on the Microsoft Exchange Information Store.
Storage Group - Initialization of Jet failed.

event 9175
The MAPI call 'OpenMsgStore' failed with the following error:
The Microsoft Exchange Server computer is not available.  Either there are network problems or the Microsoft Exchange Server computer is down for maintenance.
The MAPI provider failed.
Microsoft Exchange Server Information Store
ID no: 8004011d-0526-00000000

CheckSUM of priv.edb indicated:

Initiating CHECKSUM mode...
        Database: e:\exchsrvr\mdbdata\priv1.edb
  Streaming File: e:\exchsrvr\mdbdata\priv1.STM
  Temp. Database: TEMPCHKSUM3592.EDB

File: e:\exchsrvr\mdbdata\priv1.edb

                     Checksum Status (% complete)

          0    10   20   30   40   50   60   70   80   90  100
          ..........................ERROR: page 770745 checksum failed ( 0xb589c
6fd / 0xe1bfd91d )

1476930 pages seen
1 bad checksums
7531 uninitialized pages
0 wrong page numbers

92309 reads performed
5769 MB read
69 seconds taken
83 MB/second
70404023 milliseconds used
762 milliseconds per read

Any help. Thanks. Yes, the server was on a battery but the power strip breaker tripped. complete loss of bldg power. ouch.
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David WilhoitConnect With a Mentor Senior Consultant, ExchangeCommented:
It's done, my friend. Either restore from backup, or prepare to repair the database. What's the size of the 2 files?

gl_3n2k3Author Commented:
bleh. I knew the sickening feeling meant the worst. Luckily (if you want to call it that) is this particular server's db is ~6G because its new and I am in the process of moving 5.5 users to it. Before I run the repair or recover I am putting in a call to PSS for assistance. Thanks for the reponse. What do think about attempting a repair first then if too much data loss then recover. If I repair and some users have complete loss of data while others dont would i be able to build a differenet server, restore the data there, export, then import. Otherwise i end up losing a day of email. Again, thanks.
What is so hard about restoring your latest full backup? If you have circular logging disabled (default) then you will recover up to the point of failure.
Creating Active Directory Users from a Text File

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gl_3n2k3Author Commented:
whew. thanks exchange admin. I was able to recover by running a repair. eseutil /p Everything is looking ok so far. Thanks for the responses.
David WilhoitSenior Consultant, ExchangeCommented:
I think you gave the points to the wrong expert...were'nt you going to give those to Exchange_Admin?

I didn't say anything that helped. I don't deserve the points.
As I usually experienced when at MS, people would rather run hard repair than restore from backups.
gl_3n2k3Author Commented:
Kidego you were correct so I gave you the points. Restoring from backup isnt hard but I was hoping that would be a last resort since backups ran the night before and had been moved to offsite storage. I was looking for quick answers . Exchange Admin didnt offer any tech advise or suggestions that would indeed lead me in a direction of restoring as my only option. If I were to run a restore from the backup that ran the night before would I lose all my email from that day? That is what I was leary of.  I figured that if the repair didnt work then I could then still restore. What do you think? Thanks for the responses.
David WilhoitSenior Consultant, ExchangeCommented:
You're still going to need to isinteg -fix the database, or defrag it. A repaired database is not supported in production, so you need to clean this up, unless you've already done so.

"If I were to run a restore from the backup that ran the night before would I lose all my email from that day?"
If you have circular logging disabled, then when you restore and start mount the database, the logfiles that are present (since the last backup) will be replayed into the database. This would then place the databases back to the point just prior to failure.

But Kidego is correct that you should run an ISINTEG -FIX against the database. If you don't you may notice messages in users mailboxes that they can't delete or open.
gl_3n2k3Author Commented:
Thanks for the information. When the database was dismounted I ran the repair, then defrag, then isinteg -fix alltests. The database mounted and I did not see any warnings or problems reported. The server recently came online (starting to migrate from 5.5 to 2k3) so the db was only ~6G. The repair went surprisingly fast ~1hr. Again, thanks for the responses.
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