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Unable to Access Some Files on CD's

    I just completed a clean install of Windows 98 SE and I'm running into problems with some of the files I'm trying to restore from CD's that I burned before wiping my hard drive.  I get "Error copying file.  Cannot copy filename.  The system cannot read from the specified drive."  It's odd too that some files that I got the error on could eventually be accessed, but that hasn't been the case with them all.
     I used brand new CDs to copy my files to minimize the possibilty of the CD's being bad.  There is one Outlook Express dbx file in particular that I'm my heartbroke over.  I can't get Scandisk to even identify the CD Drive as one it can scan.  Can it ever scan CD's?  I'm not even able to change the attributes of the files in question either
     Please tell me what I can do to resolve this.  Is there any software that can fix my CDs?
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ive had great sucess with this software , download their trial version.

also check to see if other cds work with this cd-rom  drive.

Please tell me when you backed up your "vital data" that you did a verify on the backup CD within your burning package.  Another word of advice is when doing this burn 2 or 3 CD's, the price of CD's now there is no reason not to.

I know this is not going to help you now, but it is advice for the future.  Learn by my mistakes and heartache !!

The only real way you may get your data back is to read the CD in another drive, preferably a DVD drive as they seem to be much more forgiving with bad cd's.

This will then eliminate your CD/Recorder drive.  You may get lucky, sometimes the burning process can work fine but the reading part of the laser can become faulty.

Good Luck

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, has developed into a
     sophisticated tool that will detect and explain any read
     errors in CDRs. It might be used occasionally or at random
     intervals by someone who does a huge amount of CD burning,
     constantly if one burns CDRs rarely, and is useful for
     checking long-term archived CDRs from time to time, since
     deterioration is very possible over time. [Note: CDCheck is
     indeed free for non-commercial use; and free to try for 30
     days for commercial users. But there's a fee for commercial
     use beyond 30 days; info is available on the site.

BootLIST 103  
Date: 7/26/2003 2:33:26 PM Pacific Daylight Time

  3) Util To Check Your Newly Made CD For Errors

     Trevor S. posts - Is there an equivalent to scandisk for cd's -
     especially for checking whether a cd-r has been written without

     Kenny says you can try:



Short description (details): CDCheck is utility for prevention, detection and recovery of damaged files with emphasis on error detection. It supports CRC files and binary compare. CDCheck can be used on all files visible by the operating system. This means all files that you can see in Windows Explorer (CDs, DVDs, disk drives, floppy disks, ZIP drives...).

Longer description (details): CDCheck is utility for prevention, detection and recovery of damaged files with emphasis on error detection. It can check each of your CDs and DVDs and indicate which files are corrupted. CDCheck reporting features tell you exactly where the problems are. CDs can get damaged in a number of ways, so the program helps you determine whether your data is safe before it's too late. The program also provides a comparison option that lets you select a reference directory on your hard drive (or some other device). CDCheck ensures that the contents on a disc match those in the directory, and effectively alerts you of differences. Besides that CDCheck supports creation of CRC files which provide extra safety that files on your CDs are still exactly the same as they were. In addition to CD-ROMs, the program can be used with all other local or removable media (disk drives, floppy disks, ZIP drives...) visible by the operating system (Windows Explorer).

Key features (details):
·  CRC creation and checking
·  file/directory checking
·  binary file/directory compare
·  file/directory recovery
CDCheck does not provide:
·  audio CD checking, recovery etc.
·  recovery of files that cannot be seen by Windows Explorer

DriveCheck made by Sony

The DriveCheck Diagnostic Tool is a quick and easy test that determines if your device is defective or working properly. DriveCheck performs read and write tests on your drive. Within minutes, you will know if the drive passed or failed.

The test is compatible with all Sony CD-RW and DVD-+RW drives on a Windows platform. A blank CD-R or CD-RW (unformatted) can be used with the CDR/RW drives. A blank CDR, CDRW (unformatted), DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW (unformatted), or DVD+RW (unformatted) can be used with the DVD-+R/RW. NOTE***A formatted disc cannot be used.

Once the tests are completed, your Pass/Fail results are displayed. A file called TestResults.zip, containing the test results, will be created in the directory where you saved the DriveCheck application. If your DriveCheck test fails, please email your results to storage.support@am.sony.com.  Please give us 24 hours to process your test results then contact us at Sony Technical Support. US residents only call 1-800-588-3847.  See the complete instructions below for the proper testing procedure.

Interested in Using DriveCheck Utility of Sony on Other Burners

I located and downloaded a useful diagnoistic program called DriveCheck made by Song.  This utiity can be used on all Sony cd-rw's and dvd-rw's.  With this point in mind, I am interested in possibly carrying this utility a step further by using it to test other burners which are not necessarily made by Sony.  
Is that possible?

More over when I check this


it is actually asking you to select your drive and I guess only Sony drivers will be listed in there. If you are using other drivers, you cannot select and hence this Utility cannot be used. You  may actually want to try and see
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