SIS 5598 ME Driver Error

Operating System: WinMe

After I installed the SIS 5597/5598 driver and restart the pc. As it boots up it gives a blue screen with the following error code.

Error: 0D : 0357 : 00005603

I have searched for this error on microsofts site to no avail.  

Please assist
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OGeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
First of all you have to boot the window ME in safe mode and then remove the driver that you have installed after that try to seach for a tested driver for the SIS 5597/5598 in windows98 for windows98se cause I think that you will not find this driver for windowsME and the best site for drivers is 

if you want direct access to the driver there are the links 
(its the link of the SIS drivers page ALL windows)

but first of all you must register at this site (its for free) to enable the download option....
With respect....OGee
justdouAuthor Commented:
I still have no clue what the error means but, I have managed to resolve the problem.  Ran RegCleaner, which by some plure fluke worked. So the problem has been solved.  

Clould I please have a refund.  Thanks
justdouAuthor Commented:
Great stuff thanks for your help, It worked.
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