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Hi there,

The story goes like this

Im currently experimenting on ad hoc wireless projection of powerpoint presentation slides using a non wireless compliant projector. I have so call combine both VGA and USB wires together. The vga will go to the VGA port of the projector and the other end is to connect to a SMC USB Wi-Fi adapter. I have managed to get the USB Wi-Fi adapter power up from the projector, but i lack the programming part where i should send my "screen" from my notebook to th USB Wi-Fi adapter and project out through the projector.

I have searched high and low for such programming codings but to no avail. I hope you kind people out there could help me out cos this is part of my research study for my degree program
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Adrian DobrotaNetworking EngineerCommented:
ah_blub .... please take a closer look to  " RCA WVS150 2.4 GHz Wireless Video Sender "
It does exactly what you need. It sends wirelessly in 2.4GHz the signal from the emitter to the receiver, exactly what you want to achieve with your wireless card to the SMC, but this is a let's say "professional" solution.  I don't think your idea will work cause the signal that the SMC is receiving must be 802.11x standardized. Now you'll need some device (a CPU) to translate (extract the useful signal ... that mean video) from that .... and you can't make the projector to do this because it's technically impossible. So, even if we imagine a device between the SMC and the projector , that will be similar with the one the receiver from the product I already pointed you at will do. Besides that, you'll need a good piece of programming to be able to send the signal from your laptop.  
   So, take my advice and use that product that is specially designed to take the output of your video card and replicate it after a wireless segment is passed. Indeed, that'll mean for you to have an extra device attached to your laptop but that's the only solution I know about. I've tested a similar one from my desktop to a monitor, but there should be no difference between that and laptop/projector.

Adrian DobrotaNetworking EngineerCommented:
here's one:  http://www.buy.com/retail/electronics/product.asp?sku=90109315&loc=111
here's the second one: http://www.xkms.org/Gadget-Universe-'Share-the-Riches'-1/2.4-Ghz-Wireless-AudioVideo-Sender.htm
and if you'll do a google search for "wireless video sender" you'll find thousands.
Just plug the emitter into computer's output and the receiver will take the signal and deliver it to the projector.

What??? What were you saying?  ... errr.... yes ...it's just so simple  ;)

hope this helps you
ah_blubAuthor Commented:
hmmzz..thanks for your reply...obviously you had misunderstood my meaning..i will rephrase so that you can have a clearer picture.

Currently, the conventional way of projecting your notebook image onto a projector is by the VGA cable as shown in the diagram below.

                    VGA Cable                                            
notebook ------------------------> projector === screen

Now what im trying to experiment is this. I had bought a SMC USB-Wi-Fi adapter and intend to make the projector wireless. I have combined the wires from Pin 1,2,3,12,13,14,15 from the VGA cable to the +data wire of the USB cable.

Now i would want to use the 802.11b/g wireless card on my notebook to send my notebook's "screen" to the SMC USB Wi-Fi adapter and through the adapter send the "screen" to the the projector to project out on a wall.

                                  send wirelessly
notebook[802.11b/g] ----------------------> [SMC USB Wi-Fi]+Projector == screen

The part which i couldnt figure out is how to send my "screen" from my notebook to the "wireless" projector. Thats where i the programming part comes in. Hope you guys would have a clearer picture and help me out on this.

One point to note is that i do not intend to connect to a wired lan for this to work. Theres already such a product Abtus Gateway which uses wired lan to be a access point by itself but its too costly to implement. Ad Hoc networking is preferred.

ah_blubAuthor Commented:
well..cause my thinking is like this..

since the vga cable is only to send the data through its cable, why couldnt we do the same for the wireless adapter??...

i would like to come up with something similar to this product..just that i dont need the ethernet /rj45 cat cable part thats all...


sorry for any inconvenience caused..but i would like to hear from other gurus first..:)
Adrian DobrotaNetworking EngineerCommented:
there's no inconvenience at all.
If there is another solution I'd like to hear that too.
listening .....
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