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implementation of Computer Dictionary

Now a days i have a task to do related to the implementation of Computer dictionary using any data structures. i am an intermediate programmer and also want to finish it off as quickly as possible, so would u plz tell me which data structure i should use to implement the above said concept. i have studied stacks, queues, linked list, trees. i am also planing to use the File concept. if u can help me in shape of any sample code, that would be even better...

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It depends to what depth you want to approach the problem.

The simplest would be create word-definition pairs and store in two double dimensional arrays.

Then,according to the word entered,find the corresponding meaning by looking up the corresponding index on the definition array.

If you keep the word-defn pairs sorted on word,you can do binary search to improve search speed.

for e.g.

lets say,you find the word wanted at word[102];
the defn would be defn[102];

Store the words and meaning in a file and load them into this array at program startup.
You could also store the number of words as well.
Then you can define your array length dynamincally using malloc().

For another idea using trees,see here:
Another idea would be to use a hash table. Although I myself have not had any experience with them but I hear that
it is quite helpful in store and search kind of applications.

If any one else can shed some more light it might help all of us.

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