W2k event view question

Hi there
W2000 server,domain controler.evrything works fine but Security event log.shows only event 517(last time I cleared the same 517 log,doesn't generate any event anymore)...
Any ideas
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Gareth GudgerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The security log typically doesnt generate anything unless you turn auditing on.
Peter1111Author Commented:
Yes auditing is on.
mclean01Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Event ID 517 only occurs when someone clears the Security Event log.

When you say doesn't generate any events, do you mean all events or just 517?  If its not logging any events at all, have you tried deleting the log file itself and recreating it?

Default location: \WINNT\System32\config\SecEvent.Evt
Peter1111Author Commented:
It's not loging any events at all.I have not tried deleting the log file.I have to wait till monday
Peter1111Author Commented:
Hi there.I got it. Domain Controler Policy Auditing was on, but Local wasn't. I checked "No Override" under Default Domain Controler Policy Options and so far so good.Thanks again
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