Import Email Address list from text file into a distribution list

I have OL 2003 and would like to know how I can get a text file list of approx 500 email addresses (NOT SPAM - these are personal business contacts) into a distribution list without having to manually enter them one by one.

any ideas....

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rosesolutions1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
There is no easy way to do this.  DL's require that items are added one at a time, and aren't properly supported by VBA code (there are a number of bugs in different versions of OL) - you really have to work a few levels lower down to make anything robust.

Since this is a one off problem, the best thing for you to do is to download the free eval version of GoMail Distribution List Manager  - this product permits importing into an Outlook Distribution List from csv, txt & rtf. You get 15 uses or 15 days from the free trial...
What format are the addresses/text file in?
If they're all .com addresses, I would think you could do a quick find/replace - all ".com" with ".com;" and then do a copy/paste into a DL...
How are the email address present in your text file. comma separated, tab limited etc ?

you can directly import that into outlook going to
file --> import and export and importing the correct formatted file

or you can import the text file into excel and then import excel into outlook

If you donot want to put the email addresses in outlook atall then do as what Sirbounty has said. Just put a semicolon or comma and then paste it into the distrubution list while creating it

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dspentAuthor Commented:
well they are listed in a format like:

address3  etc...

and there are all sorts of different types of address.  Most are of course but there are quite a few that are  name.subdomain.domain@domain.domain  for instance one is j5ths<at>

I know about the import export features of OL but I didn't see how to import into a distribution list.  maybe I'm missing something...
I donot think you can directly import into distribution list. It can imported into contact and then you can select members to go inside a distribution list.

May be i am wrong or atleast not seen that in outlook xp..
I could script something for you easy enough, but I'm not sure if that would be frowned upon or not...
If you're interested, I can double-check with a moderator.
500 is a lot of address to weed through.
However, if they're in the format you've outlined above, you may be able to search for a carriage return character and replace that with a semi-colon...
dspentAuthor Commented:
thanks....the gomail program worked like a charm....I may even purchase it for further use down the road.

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