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internet conection shareing dosent work.

Posted on 2004-04-24
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-29
i have 2 comps and i am trying to share the dsl internet conection that is on the second nic in one with the other. they are conected via a D-link DI-604 router. the two system can share files and printer just fine, but i have had no luck with the internet conection shareing. both comps are runing xp pro. i have followed the instruction on the microsoft site and a few other places with no sukses. the second comp only say somthing like page could not be found. i run out of idea on what to try next, anyone have any thouts.

Question by:mercury8001
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Expert Comment

ID: 10909108
is bridge mode enabled?

Author Comment

ID: 10909519
bridge mode?? what is that

Expert Comment

ID: 10909560
Hello  mercury8001,
Can you can right click the connection icon (On network places), go to the Sharing tab and select the checkbox "Enable Internet Connection Sharing for this connection" and on the client computers, open the internet explorer, click Tools, Internet Options, then go to Connections, choose LAN Settings, and make sure that there is NO checkboxes checked there. this should do it. I hope you best of luck.
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ID: 10909946
if your using a router then you do not need the share internet connection feature in XP. The router will do that for you.  I'm assuming that you don't have the router configured correctly.  Follow the router instructions on how to set up the wan and lan side of you're router.  Put the dsl cable into the wan port not the computer nic.  Plug both computers nics into the routers lan ports.  The rest is easily explained in the documentation found at

Expert Comment

ID: 10910198
DI-604 Express EtherNetwork 4-Port Broadband Router
IEEE 802.3 10Base-T Ethernet
IEEE 802.3u 100Base-TX Fast Ethernet
IEEE 802.3 NWay Auto-Negotiation
VPN Pass Through/Multi-Sessions
Advanced Firewall Features NAT with VPN Passthrough (Network Address Translation)
MAC Filtering
IP Filtering
URL Filtering
Domain Blocking
Device Management
Web-Based – requires at least Microsoft Internet Explorer v5 or later; Netscape Navigator v4 or later; or other Java-enabled browsers.
OK, set up your NAT , put you lan IP as a save then enable your dhcp start address end .20,,
Subnet, gateway save , reboot the router, right click local lan on the computers and make sure DHCP is enabled. right click the local lan and hit repair. And that should do it.

Author Comment

ID: 10910302
I'v had no luck with the router nomater what i try it will not connet to the modem. i have been trying to get it to work since before i tryed the internet conection shareing. i have tryed the method on the d-link site and some thers on it. with no luck. sorry i should of mentiond that in the origonal mesage. that y i am trying to setup the  internet conection shareing.

Accepted Solution

ezlife earned 180 total points
ID: 10910594
plug each computer into the router, plug the modem into the wan slot on the router. kill all power to all devices.
Power on the modem, hardware reset. Once the modem has finished booting.
Power on the router, hardware reset. once it' finished booting,
Power on the computer plugged into slot 1 of the d-link.
If no internet connection, go directly to internet explorer, at the top choose internet options, connections, lan settings, automatically detect settings.
Do the same with the other computer
Obviously all firewalls should be off, I had a d-link 604, it's the easiest router to network, 99 percent of the time I just plugged the computers in and out with no problems.

     If you plug these devices in but the modem won't communicate with the router, then you need to check the modem's nat application, or port forwarding options. If the modem has nat, you may have to allow all ports to ( your routers ip address, usually listed under status). Also you can call your isp for the correct setup, you don't  need both computers plugged into the router for them to help you put a router in your setup. You don't even have to tell them you plan on putting two computers, just that you need the router for extra security and for online gaming.

    As far as the networking with the nic cards, you have to create a user account that matches on each computer. For instance the host computer will have a user account named ''my wifes computer", and the second computer user account  will be "my wifes computer". Then sharing internet access will apply.

Expert Comment

ID: 10910757
Who is your DSL ISP?

Which brand modem did they supply you with?

Expert Comment

ID: 10910761
Here are the steps:
1) plug the power into the router
2) hold in the reset button for 20 seconds
3) unplug then re plug-in the router
4) connect 1 computer to the lan side (1 of 4 ports)
5) on that computer go into start menu > control panels > network connections > local area connection
6) click properties > highlight internet protocol > properties
7) select (use the following IP) input IP add, sub net, gateway
8) click o.k on all panels
9) open an internet web browser
10) in the address bar, clear it,  type
11) you should get a panel to appear asking for username & password
12) input ADMIN & leave password blank.

what you are doing is setting up a static IP local area network. you will have full control over each address every computer has on the network.  

this will give access to the router. if after follwoing these steps you do not get step 11 then  you might have problems with your the nic card on the computer. try the complete process on a different computer.

if you get acces to the router then the router is working on the lan side
now you must setup the wan side for internet.

plug in the dsl cable ot the wan port, make sure the wan light has activity.
here's where it gets tricky, you have to find out (exactly) what type of dsl service you have. this can be found in the DSL documentation or just call them if you have a half hour to spare.  you want to get the right info in the wan side, also look for a setting to clone your mac address and enable it   Look for the DHCP setting and disable it.  

you should have internet connection by now. if you don't restart the computer and router and it will work.

onece you get internet on one then you should repeat the above # steps on alll computer except for a different number on the last string of the IP address in step 7) 1-255 except 1 or 200 which you already asigned


Author Comment

ID: 10913498
the modem is a Speed Streem 5200.  what is a nat application im was a little  lost on that part?
LVL 11

Expert Comment

ID: 10913766
When you attempt to use Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) with a Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) connection, it may not work correctly on the host or client computer. You may receive a time out error message when you attempt to browse the Internet, or your network adapter may not be recognized when you try to install ICS.
Some Internet service providers' (ISPs') Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) connections use a software virtual adapter known as a Point to Point Protocol over Ethernet (PPPoE) adapter. This adapter is not recognized by ICS as an adapter that is available to be used.

NOTE: If ICS is installed, please uninstall before continuing.

For ICS and Internet Explorer to function properly using a PPPoE adapter, ICS must be configured in the following manner:

Internet Explorer
Start Internet Explorer, click Tools, and then select Options.
Click Connections, and then click Always dial my default connection.
Under Dialup Setting, make sure that the connection to the DSL's ISP is selected as the default connection.
Click OK, and then quit Internet Explorer.
Internet Connection Sharing
Reinstall ICS and select the standard Dialup Adapter as your connection to the Internet on the host computer (shared adapter).
Restart the computer when prompted.

NOTE: the client computer may display the following error message if the wrong adaptor is chosen as the adaptor that is used to connect to the internet:

Page Cannot Be Displayed


Expert Comment

ID: 10914656
your router should provide NAT for you automatically.  Network Address Translation enables you to use the 1 IP address your ISP gives you to connect to the internet.  So you can have multiple machines on a private IP range and the router will take all those addresses and convert them to the single IP your isp provides you.  There is also a security advatage to this.  Hackers, snoops or who ever cam only see the 1 IP address on the wan side and not all the other computers on the lan side.  You can control everything that has access to the computer on the inside through the firewall on the router, which you should have setup, because NAT only hides the IP on the LAN side translating all internet request to all ports on the lan side.

Where you able to get into the router setup?


Expert Comment

ID: 10914702
Believe me I would ditch the Internet Connection Sharing  solution.  What you are basically doing is using this computer as a router which you already have. Not only that But the machine is fully exposed to the internet and you have to worry about Micorsofts half rate firewall and various other things that can compromise the system and open it up.   The best to soultion is to get your router to work at all costs, put the machine behind it and control your Firewall, NAT IP forwarding, port forwarding, etc on the router. That's why they make them.

Once you get into the router setup page. I would call the DSL provider because all of these setting have to be exactly right for it to work.  Stay on the phone and they will be able to tell you if the can see the router connected directly to the modem

Expert Comment

ID: 11025189
If you are using a broadband router to share the internet connection you will need to register the MAC address of your router with your ISP. Most ISPs will do this instantly over the phone or via their website.

Your router's mac address is a 12-digit combination of numbers and letters in groups of 2 separated by hyphens (-) and you'll usually find it on the router somewhere or in the instruction manual supplied with the router.

Also, I would check the web interface of your router and look for IP addresses of DNS servers - if these are present it's likely your internet connection is working and your doing something wrong with the configuration of your own machines.

Not sure if you've tried this but it seems that you've configured your machines properly if you've done the steps above.

Hope this helps

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