Win2003SBS Issues w/Exchange-E-mail, Outlook, Win XP all on network

Ok here's my issues and questions:

Currently setup outlook to use exchange for all users I can receive mail fine and send mail to anyone except anyone that has an e-mail address on our domain. Example our e-mail is hosted through our website host, exchange is setup to use the pop3 connector that works fine now say I want to send an e-mail to ( being our domain the server domain is a .local) if the person I am sending an e-mail to is not setup as a user on the server the e-mail comes back rejected. If they are setup as a user it just puts the e-mail into their exchange mailbox and never sends it out. We have other people outside the office that have e-mail accounts that will not be listed as a user on the server how can I change it so that it will send the e-mail out of the server and not just keep it internally? I do not have any problems sending e-mail to any other addresses just the ones that end on our e-mail domain and only from my outlook through exchange.

Next issue I keep changing my Outlook setting to not allow an offline folder and change the location of my .ost file (computer using winXP Pro and roaming profile) I can close Outlook and reopen fine but once I log off the server and back on the changes are gone. I am also having a similar problem with the server under the users I have changed a users e-mail address hit apply etc. but once I log off and log back on the e-mail address has changed back to the previous how can I fix these two issues?

Next issue I have installed Norton antivirus corporate edition on the server and client computers (all client computers are running winXP pro) I cannot run the live update on the server it gives me an error saying that it cannot connect but internet access is on the server (we have a T1 and the server is also used as the router). I am also having a problem installing the Norton on one of the client computers it starts to install then I get a message that says something like "go to the control panel to install and configure system components" I click ok the install stops and nothing happens, try to start the install again it says that you cannot have more than one copy running at a time. I am logged onto this computer as the local admin.

This last issue is a licenseing type issue, the version of server 2003 sbs I have just installed and am using is the 180day evauluation copy. It looks like it has 5 client licenses if we decide to keep server 2003 after we evauluate it I would want the licencsing to be per user not computer is that hard to change? Also is it hard to go from the evaul. version to a fully licensed version in terms of setting up and moving settings etc. so I do not have go through all of this config and setup again?
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Okay, last question first, simply because it's the most important.

An Evaluation is copy CAN'T be simply licensed to swap to a full version. Once the time is up, then product stops working. Eval copies are for test purposes only and not for production networks.

You'd have to rebuild the server with a purchased copy of SBS 2003 and set it up as you had before.

Depending on if the eval license you have is SBS2003 premium it may have ISA server (which is a firewall)
to Set up norton you have to do this:

Outlook profile
Are you using a roaming profile and if you are is it save you other settings (desktop,favorities etc) everytime you log off?

Sending email to other people on the same exchange server
Do the users on your exchange systems names appear in the global address list (GAL)?
Are you using their GAL entries or typing in the full email address (i.e.

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dakotas94Author Commented:
I have the SBS2003 Premium but I did not install the premuim features (it doesn't have ISA)

I am using a roaming profile and it doessn't appear to have any problem saving any of my other settings but I never really noticed, I will check that when I get back to the office tomorrow.

Yes they do appear on the GAL and no I am typing in the full e-mail address.
The problem is if I try to send an e-mail to someone that has our domain but they are not set up as a user on the server the e-mail comes back reject saying the user is not vald. Exchange is not sending it out over the internet if it has our domain it keeps it within the server.
dakotas94Author Commented:
We are not hosting our own e-mail I just setup exchange with the pop3 connector and I guess it set itself up with the smtp connector I am not sure.
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dakotas94Author Commented:
I checked and added a new folder to my desktop logged off and then back on and it did not save the settings or the folder.
dakotas94Author Commented:
Ok I have figuered out my problem of outlook not keeping it's settings, now I really need the help with getting Exchange to send out e-mail over the internet even if it it going to an address on our e-mail domain and going to someone that has an e-mail address on our domain but is not a user on the server
If your not hosting your own email then why are you using Exchange?
Setting up Exchange just to forward POP/SMTP mail is an odd thing to do.

Why not just set up the clients in standalone mode and just create .PAB (personal address books) which you can pass to each other?

dakotas94Author Commented:
We do not want to be passing the PAB files around we need to have everything centrally located including the mailboxes. This also allows access to our Outlook's and public folders when not in the office through the 2003 server remote web workplace. It is working great for us in that regard, I just need to be able to get exchange to send e-mails out even if it has our e-mail domain or the e-mail address is not linked to a user on our server. It doesn't seem to foward the outgoing mail when the e-mail address has our domain name on it. It fowards all other outgoing mail through our e-mail host.
I believe the problem is that you set up Exchange with your domain name, when it's actually on a remote site.

Change Exchange Domain name to something else then, when you send emails, it will go the the correct external email host.

At the moment Exchange is trying to deliver mail to account that don't exist.
dakotas94Author Commented:
I can't find where I would change that, and I never set it up for our domain that I know of, I just followed the setup wizard to setp the POP3 connector
dakotas94Author Commented:
Ok I got it to send e-mail out everywhere but now my POP3 connector is not working right. I will download the POP3 e-mails in the smtp connector que then it will immediatly move the e-mails back to the POP3 server. This was working fine before, I have gone through and removed then re-added all of the POP3 connector users but it still does the same.
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