I am trying to connect to my Windows 2000 server with a VPN connection. Internally I can set up a connection and connect with the server with no issues. If I try to create an external VPN connection I get error 721.

I have Linksys befsr41 router that I have upgraded the firm ware
I am trying to connect from an Windows XP (workstation).
I have 2000 server running VPN server (server).

Both server and workstation are on the LAN 192.168.1.x

When i try to connect with the external IP I get 721 error. After tryng to verify user/password it just sits on the verifiying user name and password screen. Then it tries to reconnect.

I have the following TCP ports forwarded to the Windows 2000 server
- 1723 tcp
- 47 tcp/udp

Any ideas?

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I don't see anything in the specs for this router that indicate that it supports a VPN protocol like L2TP or PPTP. My guess is you want to replace the router with something like a Netgear FR114P or the like that does support VPN connections.
soda0091Author Commented:
So you are thinking that everything is set up properly and that it is the hardwares fault?
Upgrade the VPN to IPSec which will be more secure and the Linksys supports IPSec passthrough. Win2K can do this as can the client.
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The external VPN connection, is that coming from your workstation, that is on your LAN, Or are you connecting from another service provider to your VPN server.  The best way to test your VPN server, is to connect from external source.  From what I'm getting from your setup is that you are trying to establish a vpn connection, with both the server and client on the same internal subnet.
soda0091Author Commented:
That is exactly how i am trying to test. I am trying to connect from my XP machine and go out through the router and then come back in and hit the server. This is the only way that I can currently test it
That's what's probably giving you that error...  If you can connect externally from another provider, maybe a dialup connection, it would probably allow you to connect to that server.    Basic router that just do NAT, such as this linksys, have problems with port translation when the source is from within its own internal network.    

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Yes, my suspicion is you need to replace the router with one that supports VPN protocols.
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