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How to open .db table?

I have a table - created in Delphi.

I do not have delphi in my pc, and I would like to open it. I tried using excel, access, word...Did not work.

How do I open that table? I have SQL Server...

OS: Windows XP

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1 Solution
Here is a program by Sergey S. Tkachenko.

Originally Written in Delphi.

Nice little App.

I have included an example DB file

I have also included the Delphi Source code - case your  interested.


You can import the that database by ACCESS without any other software
1 Open ACCESS, create a new database named any names you like.
2. Right click the mouse botton on the upper-left pannel and selef import
3. Change the 'file types' to 'Paradox (.db)'
4. Select your .db file.
5 you shuld be able to read that db data in ACCESS database table now.

Good luck
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neonlightsAuthor Commented:
Hi mokule
Your site is not working. I tried, ftp is doing nothing, and http: is saying that forbiden:

Tanghz: I tried and it says that expected format is incorrect. It is paradox 4 since I opened this file using shaneholmes site:

shaneholmes: Your suggested program is good, and I can view the tables. good start. But, one more question for you: how do I copy or bring to the access table, so that I can use those  records....Any suggestion.
bye the way: the file is paradox 4.

Thanks all for your help

The original question didn't include that functionality, In the future, you need to open a separate thread for additional questions, or make sure you add that functionality or question into your original thread (question).


Here are the Steps:

You will need to add functionality to the code to open up a Access Table and prepare it to have records inserted.
you can add to the code I sent you,  to interate through the paradox table and add each record to your access table.

Note the Access table must have same structure (fields)

WHat version of delphi are you using?
What is the intended OS the app wil be run on?

Off the top of my head, something as:

Table1 (Paradox)
Table2 (ACCESS)

while not Table1.EOF do
 Table2.FieldByName('Field1').asString:=   Table1.FieldByName('Field1').asString;
 //all the other fields here

Note, if you dont have an access table, you can create one by code:

How to create an MS Access database without the MS Access

Which version of the ACCESS you are using. If you are using ACCESS XP or 2003, there should not be a problem. ACCESS can do the paradox from 3 to 7.

Maybe the Paradox table is not healthy.
neonlights, r u still having trouble

neonlightsAuthor Commented:
HI shaneholmes, I am sorry that I was not able to test it yet, I do not have delphi program in my pc. So.

I will try that later. Thanks for your help.

Hi tanghz, I have access 97. Windows XP.

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